Products for the Architect

This is a database of materials, technologies and inspirations serving as tools and elements for designing and creating architecture, given in an accessible form. The section is divided thematically into categories, in which we can find the full spectrum of products and technologies dedicated to the construction, finishing and final furnishing of the interiors of the created objects.

7 issues for effective and efficient architecture

The Products for Architects section, and its paper edition under the same name, has seven main sections. Each of them contains a comprehensive offer of Polish and foreign manufacturers and distributors in a given industry area.

after 1. - HVAC - the art of heating and ventilation

HVAC (from Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) is the engineering branch dealing with heating (heating), ventilation (ventilation), air conditioning (air conditioning) and infrastructure of these technologies. The first section of our base is dedicated to this important issue. We present products from the field of heating and air conditioning - heaters, boilers, heat pumps, recuperators, equipment for cooling and heating homes, offices, hotels, restaurants. The latest product offerings will also be found in this section for those looking for filtration and air purification.

after 2 - smart solutions, smart buildings - how to create smart?

The ever-faster pace of life means that we don't have time for basic chores and expect some of them to be done by devices that will help us do so. The solution is intelligent buildings, in which modern equipment adapts the environment to our needs even when we are not at home. The second section of PdA includes presentations of intelligent solutions and advanced building management systems, such as the ability to control lighting, heating, alarm system or smart outlet.

after 3 - building materials - durability for decades

Choosing the right building materials and system solutions is the foundation of a good project. Selecting the right roofs, elevations and insulation-and-insulation system will create a structure that is not only visually beautiful, but also pragmatically ingenious when it comes to building functional solutions. The PdA section titled "building materials" is a category in which we focus  on building facades, facades - the types of their finishes (e.g. cladding, clinker tiles, building glass), construction and ventilation. In addition, we do not forget about ingenious solutions for the so-called fifth facade, that is, from the scope of roofs - with a detailed distinction between flat roofs, green roofs (also including retention roofs), roofing and its accessories. Building materials is a department in which we also do not forget about insulation and insulation of buildings. Architects and investors will find detailed solutions describing the latest technologies for thermal insulation, acoustic, materials for hydroinsulation, and ways to dry buildings.

after 4 - architectural software - modern architect's workshop

What stage in the field of design would we be at without the support of modern technology? Thanks to computerization, we could expand, improve and speed up the entire design cycle and accelerate the transformation of a fleeting idea and vision into finished plans. The Architectural Software section is an up-to-date database containing information about the offerings of companies specializing in the subject of computer-aided design and the latest architectural software. Architects constantly looking for methods to improve their craft will also find here advice on how to design with these modern digital tools even more professionally, faster and more effectively, thus leaving themselves time for more creative design stages.

after 5 - outdoor spaces - complementing through detail

The totality of the space around us, both the one in large urban scale and the smaller one in our immediate surroundings, consists not only of the macroblocks of large architecture, such as buildings and transportation infrastructure, but also its small elements that organize and complement the space, such as.: footstools, flower pots, bicycle parking stands, barriers, or even trash cans. They are permanent and essential elements that complement our environment. They are meant to make the space more functional, but also to beautify it. In PdA's section titled "outdoor spaces" you will therefore find the aforementioned landscaping elements. We also publish here products from categories that shape pavements - paving blocks, concrete slabs, concrete gallantry. We complement the pavements with comprehensive information about the offer of manufacturers of linear drainage and point drainage and grates and lawn edging for public areas and domestic areas.

after 6 - finishing - finalizing the design, selection of materials and products

The moment of finishing a building is the time for functionality and design responding to the client's needs. Aptly selected windows, doors, floors or other essential elements are a guarantee of a well-executed project. Creative finishing solutions and modern systems are now meeting customer needs. Thus, the "furnishings" section contains essential presentations of manufacturers of windows, doors, of hardware and accessories for windows and doors, sunscreens, paints and construction chemicals. Architects, in search of new solutions, will find in this section the latest offerings of lighting, wood flooring, panels, tiles, floors, walls and walls and ceilings and terraces.

after 7 - furnishings - personalization of indoor spaces

The arrangement and furnishings are the basis for creating a pleasant and pleasant interior, to which one wants to return with pleasure. Well-chosen elements will decorate any place and provide the highest quality and comfort. They will make the room not only functional, but also beautiful. This section of "Products for Architects" is arguably one of the most attractive and enjoyable when it comes to knowing how to personalize our interiors. In the final stage of a project, i.e. interior decoration, this PdA category should arouse the greatest interest. Manufacturers of all kinds of furniture, both office furniture as well as horeca furniture or residential. Also indispensable are any bathroom furniture, which often includes freestanding minimalist and designer products such as vanities and shower enclosures and any accessories such as shower trays, fixtures, ceramics, systems, accessories and decor details.