Smoke removal and lighting optimization

Smoke removal and lighting optimization

Smoke and lighting

Smoke and lighting are two essential functions in large-scale buildings. Smoke dampers not only play a safety role, but also ensure proper occupational hygiene. They are also extremely useful in the daily operation of the building.

why use smoke dampers?

The primary function of smoke dampers is to provide ventilation during a fire that has occurred. Fire ventilation is a system that determines the safety of a building. Correctly designed system of roof dampers in terms of number and placement protects rooms from smoke and excessive temperature rise.

Deployed properly, they allow for a better escape route, especially in passageways such as stairwells. A properly installed smoke evacuation system facilitates rescue operations and evacuation. It will create a smoke-free space in the lower part of the room and reduce the temperature rise. In this way, fire gases will find an outlet, which will improve visibility in the affected rooms.

A properly coordinated fire protection system, i.e. roof dampers, fire detection system, fire-protection joinery, whether a sprinkler system will allow for quick rescue, making evacuation from the building smooth and providing greater assurance of the safety of the building and its structure.

This is an extremely important element of the system especially in large-scale buildings or large production halls, where the fire risk is increased.

What other functions do smoke dampers perform?

Smoke dampers are becoming extremely useful in the daily operation of a building. When well placed, not only because of increased safety during a fire, they also provide more natural light. In production halls, the placement of rooflights will provide access to natural light projected from above, directly onto workstations.

With electric, or pneumatic systems, roof hatches can be opened and closed at any time. This is important for the ventilation of the building, as it ensures that fresh air is available at all times.

The roof flaps can be opened and closed at any time.

In order to ensure proper occupational hygiene, it is important to provide as much natural light as possible and to ventilate the premises. Working in favorable conditions increases the efficiency of the employee, which consequently results in an increase in the productivity of the plant.

Smoke dampers are a good way to ensure that the premises are well ventilated.

Smoke dampers can also serve as a roof hatch, which saves space and reduces the cost of the construction project.

The installation of smoke dampers or skylights will not only guarantee greater safety in the event of a fire, but also provide better lighting and ventilation of rooms, so it is worth taking into account their functioning already at the stage of designing the building.