A stylish terrace can become the showcase of our house. Therefore, its appearance and location should be taken into account already at the building design level. After all, it is an extension of the house in harmony with nature. A place that should provide comfort of rest and excellent functionality.

where to place a terrace?

If we are lovers of morning breakfasts or lunches outdoors, we should place the terrace on the southeast side of the building, preferably with an exit on the side of the kitchen, so as to facilitate access to the room and obtain easy communication, instead of passing through the whole house.

If, however, we are proponents of conversations at sunset, then our terrace should be on the west side of the building preferably with an exit from the living room or, increasingly common, an exit from the bedroom.

how big should the terrace be?

It must not be too large, as it will disrupt the proportions of the entire building, while too small will become non-functional. Its dimensions should be chosen so that you can move around it comfortably and function when furniture and other decorative elements, such as plants, are set up. If possible, the furniture should be located so that it does not terrace the exit to the house. Such a solution will definitely facilitate communication.

What materials to build with?

The simplest means, which immediately imposes itself on the mind, is paving stones. However, if you are interested in more stylish solutions, it is worth exploring other ways of building that will create an original structure.

A good material can be decking board. Its advantages are low water absorption, non-flammability and low abrasion. It is extremely important that a platform built from planks does not soak up water, does not deform even in the harshest weather conditions. This is an element exposed to constant sun and water, to high and low temperatures. The material from which it will be made must be of excellent quality to last for many years.

The terrace is a place of rest and tranquility. We do not want the scorching sun or rain to disturb our intimate space. It is then worth thinking about a covered structure. It will give a unique chic look to the entire garden. Invisible joints and joints and perfectly finished wood will create a flawless shape of the entire structure.

Ideally designed terrace can serve for years, but also is an extension of our home and a link with nature.