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Tarasola - a range of automatic aluminum canopies

01 of June '21

Modular automated structures configured according to needs.
From the series "Terraces, floors, flooring - trends 2021".

Architecture is the inspiration of the world and the implementation of an idea into real time, it is also the inner need to create designs that delight and satisfy the creator and dazzle the ordering party. The donor-investor is nowadays usually an entrepreneur whose main goal is profit, which is why most of the housing estates that are being built (with no division into multi- and single-family) are "cells for rent". Without breath, without a clear division into public, private zones, where their style, form and applied solutions create unrecognizable and non-functional blocks.

The history of the idea of creating estates (Le Corbusier) has evolved over the years and has become a new creation completely killing its original concept. Slowly this type of settlement is being dismantled in an attempt to restore the balance of place, time and space. Therefore, the architect's imagination is a tool that can save the space around us, the urban one and the rural (idyllic-aniellic) one. Will the creation of spatial development concepts become a training ground for experience and confrontation of visions, or just a development site? Why do we look with envy at realizations full of non-standard architectural, technical and ecological solutions? And the settlements still scare us.

The architect, the creator of the aesthetics and functionality of a place, repeatedly uses materials or solutions that complement the vision of the project. It happens that the element used defines the quality of the designed structure. The fashion for smart houses, apartments causes architects to be interested in such solutions that fit the trend and are compatible. They work well in ultra-modern designs, while harmoniously existing in revitalized historic buildings. In the world of architecture, business, a key word has emerged, a term that often determines the commercial success of a project - ecology. It is a mission to define the current trends that also influence the concept of designed buildings.

Aluminum is a reusable material
, once it has "completed" its useful life, it is prepared again for the next challenges. It sounds a bit futuristic, but in reality it is. Therefore, the creative potential of this material is virtually unlimited. When it is still blended and assimilated with other quality materials, a product with unique properties is created.

Such a product, created from the beginning by Tarasola's design team, is the entire range of automatic aluminum canopies under the proprietary name of tarasola. These are modular fully automated structures, with configurability according to the needs and capabilities of the ordering party.

© Tarasola

The multitude of solutions, fitting into the existing space, is limited by the form of the place and the designer's imagination. Tarasola's constructions are characterized by a design that fits perfectly into modern architectural assumptions, but also fits discreetly into the fabric of historic buildings. A multitude of realizations in Poland and abroad confirm the multifunctionality of the construction of terrasoles.

It is an enlargement of the space of an apartment - a penthouse or a home terrace. Inserting an automatic canopy into the design is not limited only to the garden, terrace. It is also a structure that enlarges or protects balconies, lodges on floors.

These are free-standing structures (Pavilon) or inscribed in the project space as an internal courtyard canopy (Tende), or connected to the wall of the building so called wall-mounted (Gardena). Compatibility, is the thoughtful fusion of multiple devices into a single system controlled and activated through the owner of the controller, which can be a smartphone or computer.

© Tarasola

The aforementioned modularity allows the construction of a tarasola to create a perfect space for commercial or catering activities. Effectiveness of the construction and functionality in arranging the space allows treating the automatic canopy as an investment in the expansion of business activity and its profitability. Important information for business customers is the possibility of leasing all types of Tarasola automatic canopies. It is worth considering an investment in Tarasola as a quality space for HoReCa.

Tarasola creates structures that perfectly fill the needs of those looking for quality, modern solutions and premium products. For business people, this additionally means creating a space that brings financial but also image benefits.

Tarasola company has created in its structure a department dedicated to cooperation with architects and architectural offices. The department prepares and sends materials individually prepared for the needs of our partners. We are happy to participate in the preparation of construction at the design stage and support during implementation. The assembly department is a group of trained and experienced assemblers who will carefully assemble the automatic roofing at the customer's site within the allotted time.

For more information, visit the company's Tarasola page on the A&B portal.

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