Elevations, Facades

Elevations, Facades

Facade - protection and appearance

A well-chosen facade is not only a beautiful finish to a building, but most importantly to protect the walls from the elements. By combining different materials, you can achieve an original look, or unforgettable architectural structures.

what facade to choose for a house?

Knowing, of course, the zoning plan, we want our house to be beautiful and unique. Depending on our tastes, we are increasingly looking for new solutions to make our building stand out or leave it more subdued. Traditional materials such as clinker tiles, or traditional bricks can now be found in a wide range of forms and colors. Alternative finishing material solutions can create designs that positively impact the aesthetic experience of the recipients, as well as provide superior protection of the building from unwanted external factors.

A properly insulated facade is the foundation of any home. Done well, it will reduce heating costs and protect the building from dampness.

It is also a great way to protect the building from the elements.

It also turns out that the proper selection of of facade color is a process that requires analyzing many factors. Our color preferences are not everything. It is necessary to take into account the color scheme of the immediate neighborhood, choose the color of the facade suitable for the roof and window woodwork, or also pay attention to the surrounding vegetation, so that everything works together.

how to create unusual facades?

Modern design is primarily a search for unconventional solutions. The minimalist style is dominated by specific materials like glass, concrete, or steel, which blend perfectly with urban aesthetics. Modern architecture is all about variety of forms. Combining different finishing materials gives an unprecedented play of contrasts, thus creating architectural masterpieces.

The façade, which is primarily visual, is like the clothing of a building. Well-chosen elements are supposed to catch the eye and make an excellent first impression, so that with their appearance they invite you in.