Fire protection joinery

Designing a building, it is worth taking into account the security system not only that of burglary, but also other types, such as fire. The use of appropriate measures will not only improve the evacuation of those inside it, but can also preserve the building.

Does every building need to use fireproof joinery?

Of course, in public buildings, or in such places where there are a significant number of people, fire protection is conditioned by law. However, it is worth taking into account fireproof joinery also in individual buildings, or residential houses. Naturally, the potential sources of fire danger in homes are far fewer than in public buildings. However, this does not change the fact that the boiler room, located in the house, is worth separating from the rest of the building with a fire door. In the event of a possible fire, they can protect the building from destruction, but above all, save lives.

what is the purpose of fireproof joinery?

Doors, windows, or fire walls are intended to provide not only a quick and straight escape route, but their function is primarily to separate fire zones from each other. Traffic routes such as staircases, stairwells that provide an escape route in offices, schools, hospitals, in underground parking lots, or in other places where there are a significant number of people, not only need to be perfectly marked, but also protected with fireproof joinery. In this way, the risk of spreading fire and smoke becomes less, which can save the structure of the building, but most importantly can save lives.

Do windows and fire doors always have to be steel or aluminum?

Of course, the most common are glass doors and windows in aluminum or steel joinery. Today's technology helps create their modern design and elaborate design. Especially in modern buildings, in which window and door joinery is characterized by minimalism, the use of fireproof joinery may prove difficult, but not impossible. However, this type of material does not always fit into the interior. You may find it shocking, but there are also wooden fire doors on the market that meet all standards of fire and smoke resistance.