Saturday, 00:00 Pebia - paving stones for the discerning Saturday, 00:00 The beauty of granite for your home and garden Saturday, 00:00 FORBET - the natural surroundings of your home Saturday, 00:00 Vjetra® - one element, vjele possibilities Friday, 16:30 An apartment full of geometric inspiration Friday, 00:00 Green roofs and energy savings, or DELTA's new generation of roofing membranes Friday, 00:00 What to look for when deciding on a door? Friday, 00:00 Premium windows and doors - safe and comfortable spaces Friday, 00:00 Heritage Roof Tiles - premium ceramics for roof and facade Friday, 00:00 Top quality bathroom furniture - ORiSTO Friday, 00:00 Comprehensive solutions and modern design Thursday, 17:00 All shades of vanilla - Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Thursday, 14:30 ECLIPSE PROJECT, a house project in which shadow plays a major role Thursday, 00:00 Ventia Neo - new generation roof membranes Wednesday, 15:15 "The architect should walk hand in hand with the investor." Ewa Więcek in the series "10 questions to an interior architect" Wednesday, 12:00 Apartment for seniors full of unusual solutions Thuesday, 16:30 4 trends to look out for when designing a bathroom Thuesday, 13:30 Surprising color combinations of an apartment in Warsaw's Mokotow district Monday, 13:30 How to choose furniture hinges? Monday, 10:30 Interior filled with clever solutions Monday, 07:25 How to store wines advises famous Italian sommeliers 27 of January '23 How to properly light a bedroom? 27 of January '23 Interior with history decorated in retro style 27 of January '23 Unique tile collections for kitchen, bathroom, living room 26 of January '23 How to select a linear drainage system? 26 of January '23 A house full of space 25 of January '23 Cozy house in neutral colors 25 of January '23 New trends in the bathroom industry - two series of ELITA bathroom furniture 25 of January '23 "Being an architect is, in a way, also being a psychologist." Krzysztof Miruć in the series "10 Questions to an Interior Architect" 24 of January '23 Green to me, or celadon in interiors

Products for the Home

"Products for the Home" is, next to the annual "Products for the Architect", one of the most comprehensive positions on the market in the presentation of products and knowledge about materials for building, finishing and furnishing your own four corners.

Compendium of knowledge about your home

Unlike Products for Architects (PdA), which is a compendium addressed to the trade world of Architecture (intentionally with a capital "A"), Products for the Home (PdD) was created out of the need to create a unified database of products, materials and inspiration for all individual builders who seek knowledge about modern appliances, technologies and products.

Transparent categories

With articles divided into categories, you can clearly find what you are looking for here. From home construction advice through home finishing to its equipment.
You'll find interesting DIY ideas, expert advice, and even the most interesting finishing materials and products from respected manufacturers. Whether you're just building your home and wondering how to improve a basic construction project, or perhaps you're planning a renovation and want to learn how to remodel your kitchen or bathrooms you're sure to find out here. the surroundings of your home won't be neglected either - after all, the garden is an extension of our living room. We will advise on how to select gates and fences or garden surfacing. Let us help you create your dream home from the foundation to the roof itself!

Daily dose of knowledge

Articles from our portal are a daily dose of knowledge. By looking here, every day you can learn something new and find further inspiration. Products for the Home is a catalog available both in paper version (see CATALOG "PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME". IN THE SHOP OF AiB Publishers), as well as a completely free online version, which collects everything that was previously scattered in many different places.

We inspire, suggest interesting solutions and advise!

Interior trends 2023
Interior trends 2023