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Wednesday, 14:00 Harmony and functionality - japandi style interior Wednesday, 12:15 "The clash of unobvious combinations can often be refreshing." Jan Sikora in the series "10 Questions to an Interior Designer" Thuesday, 14:00 Bathroom decorated with onyx Thuesday, 12:00 Awning or pergola? Choosing a cover for the terrace Monday, 14:00 Earth Day. 7 gadgets that will help you live more sustainable Friday, 16:30 Roof made of bituminous shingles. Is it good? Friday, 12:00 Retro style garden Thursday, 12:00 Children's rooms with ceilings inspired by circus 17 of April '24 Less than 30 m2 and a limited budget. The design of a small studio apartment 17 of April '24 "We look for the character of a space in details and expressive motifs that are extracted from the context. " Malwina Borowiec and Karolina Chodur in the series "10 questions to an interior designer" 16 of April '24 Discover the power of detail with AGAS - your interior, your art 15 of April '24 Bedroom in a masculine style 15 of April '24 Poznań on plates from the flea market. A unique collection of ceramics from the artistic collective POL_SZTYMA_WOLNA 15 of April '24 Ksuro. Perfect Idea 15 of April '24 Oltens - bathroom in accordance with the idea of pure bathroom 14 of April '24 Don't put off dreams of a beautiful house environment for later 12 of April '24 8 tips for quick and cheap interior metamorphosis 12 of April '24 Subdued colors and geometric forms in a bedroom design 11 of April '24 Wooden floor. What to protect it with? 11 of April '24 Mediterranean style bathroom 10 of April '24 Minimalist kitchen with hidden work area 10 of April '24 "It is important to not get distracted at the design stage." Piotr Pańczyk in the series "10 questions to an interior designer" 10 of April '24 How to design garden lighting 09 of April '24 Hammock for the garden. How to choose the best one? 09 of April '24 What does Anna Tomaska-Szmaja's terrace look like? We take a look into the blogger's home 08 of April '24 Modern classic style interior in neutral shades 08 of April '24 Beautiful terrace. Which terrace tiles will work best? 05 of April '24 What to look for when buying a shower enclosure? 3 tips 05 of April '24 Iconic sofa and Danish design. The living area of an apartment in the center of Warsaw 04 of April '24 A house with a tree inside

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Friday, 16:30 Roof made of bituminous shingles. Is it good? 16 of April '24 Discover the power of detail with AGAS - your interior, your art 04 of April '24 Energy-efficient and reliable windows and doors based on Aluron aluminum systems 03 of April '24 Clinker tiles that create a unique atmosphere and timeless elegance 03 of April '24 Elastyczny Klinkier Group products are a lightweight alternative to traditional wall cladding 01 of April '24 Modern windows with impressive prospects 28 of March '24 They know everything about doors! 04 of March '24 Changes in the construction law. Why do you need an energy certificate? 02 of March '24 Exteria and Fasada Eco facade paints - beautiful appearance and protection of your facade 29 of February '24 Gypsum-fiber boards and fiber-cement boards - a guide 28 of February '24 MasterPatio lift-and-slide doors - combining design with functionality 28 of February '24 A new era of interiors. Hörmann's revolutionary doors 28 of February '24 A set of energy-efficient woodwork from the same manufacturer 27 of February '24 Charnwood freestanding stoves - high quality, pleasant and cozy warmth 05 of February '24 How to take care of clean air at home? 31 of January '24 Are we willing to pay more for green housing? 24 of January '24 Will smart home systems revolutionize elderly care? 03 of January '24 What kind of renovation can be done during winter? 15 of December '23 Solid roof. Choosing roof trusses 12 of December '23 Seven inspirations for fireplace encased in tiles

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