Winter-resistant fences

18 of January '24

Winter is a demanding season when considering the durability of building materials, but also the best test of the solutions offered by manufacturers. One of the products particularly exposed to harsh weather conditions is fencing. While the installation of a fence is better left for warmer days, it is good to check the resilience of the fence chosen for the property in winter. Why is it so important that the fence is resistant to difficult winter weather conditions?

Ogrodzenie to jeden z elementów narażonych na niesprzyjające warunki atmosferyczne

Fencing is one of the elements exposed to harsh weather conditions


Corrosion is the enemy of fencing

It has been known for a long time that steel is an extremely stable material, although vulnerable to corrosion. However, almost 35 years of experience in fence manufacturing has allowed us to develop a technology that ensures proper protection of steel elements. We are talking about the DUPLEX system offered by the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. The first stage of fence protection is hot-dip galvanizing - after the manufacturing process, the elements are fully immersed in liquid zinc. The second stage is powder coating, which is the most advanced coating technology. Double protection of the fence guarantees that it will be durable and perform perfectly in harsh winter conditions. Does it work? WIŚNIOWSKI gives its customers a 10-year guarantee of anti-corrosion resistance for fences in the DUPLEX system.

System DUPLEX skutecznie chroni ogrodzenie przed korozją

The DUPLEX system effectively protects the fence against corrosion


Entrance gate that is not afraid of low temperatures

Entering the property in winter should, above all, be comfortable. When the entrance gate is automatic, we can open it with a transmitter or smartphone from the car or home, which allows us to avoid going outside during unpleasant weather. If snow lying in the yard is a problem from December to March, consider installing an automatic sliding gate from WIŚNIOWSKI. It's a self-supporting structure that moves a few centimeters above the ground, so it works smoothly even on an unpaved driveway or during snowfall. Resistance to harsh weather conditions, is also guaranteed by the brand's proprietary solution - AWSo2018 Pro pole drive. This is an effective protection not only against rain, snow and frost, but also mechanical damage and theft.

Warto rozważyć kupno automatycznej bramy przesuwnej

It is worth considering buying an automatic sliding gate


A set of fencing and woodwork to suit every season

Experts unanimously confirm that the fencing model is worth matching visually to the design of the house, its color can be matched, for example, to woodwork elements, i.e. windows, doors or garage door. WIŚNIOWSKI Home Inclusive™ system guarantees a matching design of all these elements. In the manufacturer's offer you can find more than 80 diverse designs of fencing for the property and a number of additional personalization options. Designing a fence is equally easy with WIŚNIOWSKI and since winter is the time when we meticulously plan the construction works awaiting us in the spring, it is worth going to one of the more than 2500 WIŚNIOWSKI retail outlets for this purpose. When ordering in the winter, you will get selected models 10% cheaper.

Ogrodzenie powinno wizualnie pasować do wyglądu domu

The fence should visually match the appearance of the house


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