Windows and doors for your home

When you're looking for new windows and doors, there are plenty of types and options to fit a variety of home styles. Budget is also an important consideration here.

Good sealing pays off!

About a quarter of a home's total heat loss during the colder months usually occurs through windows and doors. In the summer, about a third of the heat that enters the house comes from the sun, which also enters the house through windows. The positive side of these is that they can be used for passive solar heating during the winter months to help reduce heating costs. Doors, which are opened so often, should also be properly sealed. If you don't want to replace entire components sealing is the most durable way to reduce air leaks around windows and doors.

Protect your home

Protection and security are basic human needs. Do you want to feel safe in your own four walls? They say "believe, but control". - this motto certainly applies to burglar proof window and door systems. Such systems perform better than ordinary ones when it comes to resistance against intruders, thanks to the proper installation depth, material strength, additional barriers and secure hardware in the frame and sash.

Ideal complement

In addition to the very important functions we mentioned earlier, windows and doors are also a very important element of interior design. It is thanks to beautiful door sashes that we can get an exceptionally warm arrangement, and thanks to large glazing introduce even more natural light to the living room and see a beautiful garden.

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