News for the Home

Products for the Home (PdD) was created out of the need to create a unified database of products, materials and inspiration for all individual builders who are looking for knowledge about modern appliances, technologies and products.

Innovative ideas

Remodeling a house or apartment is not always an easy task - we need to find some original and good ideas to adapt our home to our own tastes, so that it is more spacious, comfortable and beautiful. Like our personal tastes, interior design trends and technology are constantly evolving. In this section, we delve into innovations in home and interior design. In addition, we'll explore how art and innovation are influencing home decor, and take a look at the latest materials and furniture and even lighting.

Tested manufacturers

There are firms that enjoy wide recognition and popularity in the market. This is often due to the good quality of the products they produce. Through this position in the market often speaks a lot of work put into the product, the good quality of which grounds the brand's position in the market. Our goal is to demonstrate (primarily to people who are not in the construction industry) that the production of building materials can be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and bring new and technically superior products to the market.

Perfect products

The construction industry uses a variety of materials during the various phases of construction. Each has different strength, weight and durability, making them suitable for different applications. There are national standards and testing methods that regulate the use of building materials in the construction industry. So that they can be relied upon to ensure structural integrity. Wall construction material or the right windows must meet all required standards. However, here cost and aesthetics are also important. In the Recommended section you will find a complete listing of only the best products.

We inspire, suggest interesting solutions and advise - all in the Home Products. We recommend!

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