Two worlds of furniture handles

19 of March '24

Handles have long ceased to be just a functional addition to a piece of furniture. Today they are one of the most important decorative elements, determining the design of chests of drawers, display cases, cabinets and cupboards. For this reason, they are available in a variety of colors, shapes and forms that fit into a variety of design styles — including the latest ones. See the premiere proposals of REJS, which cannot be passed by indifferently.

Uchwyty mogą stanowić dekorację mebla

Handles can be a decoration of a piece of furniture


The world of furniture handles is divided into two parts. One is discreet, unobtrusive and minimalistically modest models. Although decorative, they remain as if in the background, complementing the furniture and constituting an important, yet not often noticed "cherry on top".

Handles from the second group are completely different. Maintained in various styles, they are supposed to be visible and even determine the design of the furniture on which they are placed. This group includes models in various styles: classic, retro, Art Nouveau, but also modernist and ascetically simple. Some are separate works of art, from which you can not turn your eyes away.

In the offer of the REJS brand you can find handles from both these groups. And now it is joined by three more unique proposals.

Decorative simplicity of Lino handles

The first of the premiere models is the highly decorative, yet extremely simple, screw-on Lino handle. It stands out primarily because of its size — it is as long as 1200 mm. But this is not the only thing that makes it unique.

Usually mounted vertically, Lino handles create interesting visual divisions on today's fashionable large-format cabinets. Available in gold and black, they suit kitchens and dressing rooms, among others. They look great especially on simple fronts maintained in deep colors.

Uchwyt Lino

Lino handle


Modestly, more modestly, Lira

The minimalist Lira handles are kept in a completely different style. Very modest, yet full of charm, they delight with subtle, soft lines repeated in both the screw-on model and the knob.

They are relatively small: the knob is only 32 mm high, while the handle is: 30 mm high and from 144 to 336 mm long, so they can be matched to furniture of different types. In any case, they will be a perfect complement to a dresser or closet. Especially since they are offered in the currently most popular colors: shiny gold and deep matte black.

Uchwyt Lira

Lira handle


Geometry above all – Tetriss

Tetriss furniture hangers — the third of REJS's novelties — are distinguished by their orderly, symmetrical shape of geometric solids. They come in two editions, as single hangers and slightly larger double hangers. They are available in three colors: aluminum, chrome and black. They will find use in various rooms and built-ins — from the kitchen, through the pantry, to the closet, bathroom and hallway.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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