NEXBAU's three collections are a whole new idea for home doors!

{Window and door manufacturer and garage door supplier Hörmann has been providing customers with woodwork for their homes and developments for 30 years. Now we have combined our experience and that of our design team to create three new proprietary collections of entrance doors - in PVC, wood and aluminum.

Drzwi z kolekcji
Nexbau Flex

Doors from the Nexbau Flex collection


PVC FLEX door collection - be the designer of your door!

FLEX doors are a completely new idea for doors for the home! Here the customer himself chooses the decorative exterior panels to fit his own idea. Several widths of panels are available, as well as different patterns and colors of their finish. What's more, these panels are easy to replace with others, so that the appearance of the door can be completely changed with little effort. If, after time, there are changes in the nature of the entrance to the building - FLEX doors provide such an opportunity, and without problems. In addition, you can design the FLEX door yourself from the inside! NEXBAU has a collection of elegant upholstered panels. This is an excellent idea for adding coziness to the interior and its original finish.

We combine this idea of FLEX door design with the highest PVC door manufacturing technology, perfected by us over the years. The result? Warm, safe and solid doors at a reasonable price but with a unique character!

drewniane kolekcja Roots

Wooden doors Roots collection


ROOTS wooden door collection - modern by nature!

ROOTS doors are selected wood combined with a decorative exterior panel. The leitmotif here is non-standard combinations of noble materials. Here, for example, we combine steel or quartz sinters with wood, thus further emphasizing the unique character of the natural raw material. Taking inspiration from the best traditions of construction, we transfer the best of wood to modern architecture. When ordering a door, you can make a customized selection of decorative panels in a variety of transgressions and many colors.

Drzwi aluminiowe
kolekcja Idea

Aluminum doors Idea collection


Aluminum door collection IDEA - minimalism with an idea

Idea doors were created for all those who are looking for minimalism and simple form, but still want to distinguish the entrance to their home. We use here trends from the latest architecture, where asymmetrical division of solids provides the desired original effect.

Unusual character is added by geometric divisions and spatial effect obtained by bending metal sheets. Subtle lines and perfectly matched three-dimensional handrails add timeless elegance to the entrance area. To best meet individual tastes, we have introduced a system of decorative panels in Idea doors. You can choose from a variety of RAL colors or opt for a leaf model with a panel in an unusual color, such as imitation corten steel or patinated copper.

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