Floors in the house

Designing our own home, we can decorate everything as we like, and what the final result will be depends mostly on our needs, taste and preferences. The right flooring is essential to make a home cozy, attractive and charming. Fortunately, there are various flooring options that will give your arrangements a unique look.

Classic and timeless

Timber is a favorite that can't go out of style. There are many varieties of wood floors available in manufacturers' offers. Gray stained planks and dark wood will help you create interesting patterns. However, this beautiful natural raw material also requires special maintenance so that we can enjoy it for many years. Another natural option is bamboo and cork flooring also environmentally friendly, but designed for low-traffic areas. There are still various natural materials that are recommended for floor finishes - by choosing them, you give your interiors warmth, but also live in harmony with the environment.

Practical and easy to clean

Not all of us realize how many types of tiles we can now meet on the market. They differ in texture color, but most importantly in properties. Very popular are tiles that imitate wood or other materials - they are also ideal for underfloor heating systems. Not surprisingly, tiles are a very often chosen floor finish - they allow us to keep the rooms clean, and on top of that they are resistant to moisture. As an alternative, modern waterproof panels are also suitable for harsher conditions.

A little bit of madness

For those who like to go off the charts, there are other solutions. If you want something unique and exciting, you can invest in 3D floors. There are many designs available that are sure to make sure no one walks by such a floor indifferently. It's an exciting combination of comfort and technology. It can be made of different types of materials. Among them the previously mentioned tiles or mosaics. However, if we want a painting, we can use epoxy resin for this purpose. Thanks to this versatile liquid, a true work of art will be created on our floor.

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