Light or dark floor panels? What is worth knowing about them before choosing?

When buying a floor, the color of the entire interior plays an important role. The furniture that is in it, as well as the accessories that we want to put there. The whole should be consistent with each other. We buy floor panels for years, and the first problem that arises before the buyer is the choice between light and dark shades of flooring.

Increasingly, for users of laminate floors, in addition to the color itself, what matters is not only abrasion resistance, but also water resistance. It turns out that in SWISS KRONO we can find panels that are perfect for the eventuality of unexpected accidents during the daily household rush.

Zanim zdecydujesz się na ciemny kolor podłogi, zaplanuj całościowo aranżację Twojego wnętrza

Before you decide on a dark color of the floor, plan your interior design as a whole


Advantages and disadvantages of dark flooring - we suggest

A dark floor will make the whole room cozy, but will make it much smaller. That's why such a shade should be chosen by owners of large areas. Dark-colored panels are more difficult to keep clean. Very quickly you can see dust on them, as well as possible scratches that may appear over the years. That's why it's worth betting on panels with a high abrasion rating. Those looking for floors in a dark shade should get acquainted with the Fiori collection, specifically the Oak color. Nevertheless, all the panels available in SWISS KRONO 's offer are antibacterial and can be installed on underfloor heating.

Ciemne podłogi
optycznie zmniejszają wnętrza

Dark floors optically make interiors smaller


Advantages and disadvantages of a light floor - we suggest

Light-colored flo oring is so much safer that it fits into any style. It also makes the room brighter and looks bigger. White walls, ceiling and beige panels will work well when the square footage is small. Furniture that will look good in such colors should be kept in similar shades. Rattan furniture and those made of beige or white wood look good on light panels. Openwork or lace finishes will also pass the test and bring a lot of coziness. Beautiful and durable panels can be found in good stores marked with the SWISS KRONO brand. It is there that you should pay special attention to the Movie collection. The color Western Oak is sure to become a hit among those who care about simplicity and minimalism.

Styl skandynawski.
Wygoda i praktyczność.

Scandinavian style. Convenience and practicality.


Light or dark floor panels? We suggest

Before buying the floor of your dreams, it is worth checking how it will look in a given interior. For this purpose, you can use modern technology. On the SWISS KRONO website we can find a special SWISS KRONO Floori program that will help us check how it will look in our rooms.

Care of dark and light panels

No matter what kind of panels we decide on, we must remember from proper care. Removing dirt from the panels is simple and does not require us to have special skills or a large financial outlay. You can get rid of the dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner, using a brush attachment. After vacuuming, it's also a good idea to wipe the floors with a damp cloth with floor cleaner. The floors will not only be shiny, but there will be a pleasant smell. Under no circumstances should the panels be splashed with water and scrubbed wet, cleaned with wax or cleaning powders, as they can significantly degrade the appearance of the boards.

Przytulny minimalizm
wnętrza doskonale uzupełnia naturalny wygląd podłogi

The cozy minimalism of the interior perfectly complements the natural look of the floor


How to choose the color of the floor for the room? We suggest

Whether the room is small or the opposite, the color of the floor will play a big role. It is advisable to choose the shade of the floor for specific rooms.

Living room

In the living room, household members spend the most time, so it is good for them to feel the best there. The color of the floors and walls affects the atmosphere that prevails in the place. Light shades of panels will certainly make the whole look optimistic and calming.


In the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to the color of the built-in and select the color of the panels under it. If the countertops and cabinets are made of dark wood, you should bet on a floor one tone lighter, then all the elements will look consistent, and the kitchen will not give the impression of being too cramped.


Wide boards in the living room



For the bedroom it is worth choosing wide pl anks in a darker color. If this room is large, such a floor shade will make it much more cozy.

Room for a child

A child's room is often not very large. It is then worth opting for a light-colored floor. It will not only brighten the whole room, but also visually enlarge it. In the network of stores offering SWISS KRONO flooring we can find antibacterial panels, which will be perfect for a child's room.

For more information, visit the company's SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.