Lighting in our home and apartment

Lighting design is a much more complex process than just selecting the right fixtures. Great lighting creates depth, sets cozy corners and draws attention to the most impressive areas, adds a new dimension to a space, bringing interior design to life.

Natural light

Sunlight is the most natural source of light. It stimulates our bodies and improves our well-being. In interior design, however, it is hard to control it because of changes in weather or the inconvenient location of the building and the windows themselves. The time of day and seasons also affect the amount and brightness of natural light in a room. It is also interesting to note the change in light color depending on the part of the world we live in. Sunlight in the north is much cooler than that on the equator.

Lighting in the home

Lighting is as important as any other design element. If we use it in the right way, it changes and transforms the space. There are three types of lighting: Ambient, task and accent lighting. In interior design, we use light and shadow to make a room comfortable, but also dramatic and atmospheric. Suppose you want to use extremely soft lamps in your arrangement. Glass fixtures will do just fine here. For retro-style decor, enameled fixtures with beautiful expressive colors will fit perfectly. To illuminate the artwork on the wall, we need directional light, which can be provided by strip lights. Combined with a darker area around - it draws our eyes to the place where the glow of the bulb is directed. With this knowledge, you just need to choose the right fixture and the moody atmosphere of the arrangement is guaranteed.

Exterior lights

Not only the interior of the house is important. Sometimes driving through in the evenings, to our eyes appear brand new buildings, which, after all, we have passed so many times, returning along the same road. This is thanks to facade lighting, which can really change the appearance of any building. Garden lighting is also not insignificant. It is through it that we will mark out the paths so that any of our guests can safely make their way inside the house when evening falls.

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