Floor lamp - a functional guest in your home

Floor lamps are a brilliant solution for basically any space. Because of their mobility, they can serve as an additional source of light in the living room, bedroom, office or children's room. It is also easy to change their final destination to bring a hint of light exactly where we currently need it.

The use of floor lamps is possible in smaller and larger rooms, and they allow you to achieve a truly striking decor. Rich colors as well as a wide range of forms and shapes of floor lamps make it an extremely versatile product. By the armchair, behind the sofa, in the corner by the dining table, or maybe in the atmospheric kitchen - this solution fits anywhere!

Regulowana lampa stojąca BILBAO

Adjustable standing lamp BILBAO


Standing lamps for reading - adjust the angle of the light to suit your needs

This type of lighting is great for reading corners. The right lamp is the basis for comfortable reading and relaxation. The light coming out from under the lampshade must not dazzle us, but at the same time it must be strong enough to ensure good visibility of the content. You can adjust the angle of the light through an adjustable arm or boom. The task of this type of lighting is primarily to provide us with adequate relaxation while reading, and on the other hand to protect our eyesight from excessive fatigue. If you want to choose the perfect reading lamp consider MANILA, BARI or FOYA models with adjustable arm.

Lampa stojąca z ozdobnymi kulami GIZA ECO

Standing lamp with decorative balls GIZA ECO


On a tripod or a single leg?

Tripod-style standing lamps are an excellent choice for Scandinavian living rooms or industrial bedrooms. Metal standing lamps on 3 legs are perfect for austere interiors with concrete or glass elements. They give the interior a lightness and elegant character. When choosing wooden standing lamps, we must be aware that they will work well in typically Scandinavian interiors, which love wooden elements. Three-legged standing lamps, due to their considerable size, will work perfectly in rooms with a large area. Following the latest trends, we will certainly notice that these lamps reign in Polish homes for several years already. No wonder, they attract attention with their unique design! Among the most popular tripods in our offer you will find ARUBA, HAITI, OSLO or DAKAR models.

Lampa podłogowa z regulowanym ramieniem BARI MIRROR

Floor lamp with adjustable arm BARI MIRROR


Minimalist floor lighting - one lamp, many possibilities

Single-leg standing lamps will be ideal for apartments with smaller space. Their design is simple and does not require a specially allocated space. A small corner near the outlet is enough for this model of lighting to present itself in all its glory. Such lamps are usually light and slender, and thanks to these features will squeeze into any space. You can modify each standing lamp because of the color scheme. You can choose both the color of the lampshade and the design, allowing you to create the perfect lamp for your room.

Lampa stojaca BOLIVIA GOLD

BOLIVIA GOLD standing lamp


Colorful standing lamps for children

Do not forget also that floor lamps, have excellent use in children's rooms. Very often in the early years toddlers are afraid of the dark and their parents leave the light on at night. In such a situation, a ceiling lamp for a child's room is not the best solution, because it emits too much bright light, which negatively affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, the optimal and at the same time the best solution will be to choose a standing or night lamp, which will create a cozy atmosphere. In our offer you will find many models of lighting dedicated to children's rooms, for example, the LAGOS wood standing lamp. Standing lamps are a timeless way to illuminate a room, an extremely functional accessory that is also an important decorative element. Our advantage as a lighting manufacturer is that you do not buy a ready-made lamp. You yourself can choose the available colors of lampshade and frame. As a Polish lighting manufacturer, we pay special attention not only to modern design, but also to the quality of workmanship of our products. All lamps have a "made in Poland" label, 2-year warranty protection and the necessary CE safety certificates.

Lampa podłogowa na wysięgniku FOYA VELUR

FOYA VELUR cantilever floor lamp


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