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The bathroom in your home

After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most important room in the house, so it is worth finishing it properly. No one can imagine a well-functioning house or apartment without this room, even when it often occupies a very small area. In this section you will find expert advice on tiles, fixtures, shower stalls and more! Thanks to them, we will match every element to create the bathroom of our dreams.

Resistant and beautiful finishes

When we start thinking about, how to design a bathroom, planning is key. After all, this is a practical, frequently used space. A new bathroom or its renovation is a major undertaking and can be more difficult than we think. Even at this stage, we should consider separating zones in the bathroom, and selecting the right shower enclosure. Many times these decisions will define how the spout is made. The next step is selecting bathroom tiles, it seems that patterns and materials have no limits here. A common solution in bathrooms are also beautiful mosaics on the walls. With the right decorations, such a space will fit perfectly into our dream concept.

Practical and modern furnishings

When looking at how to design your bathroom, choosing the right equipment comes down to more than just aesthetics. Functionality is also an important consideration.
Various shapes of shower enclosures and accompanying shower trays allow you to make the most of your shower space. It should always be tailored individually to the project depending on the amount of space available. Also, when choosing other elements such as sink or toilet bowl, it's worth deciding on a particular type even before tiling. The way they are installed determines their connection to the plumbing.

Style fixtures

We also need to think about choosing the right faucet and other smaller bathroom accessories. In the shower, we can be tempted by a stylish rain showerhead, getting the effect of a strong tropical rain while taking a bath, or stay with a traditional shower handset. When we choose a modern shower without a shower tray, an essential element is also minimalist shower drain bar. They can have a traditional or modern look to complement the bathtub and sink. Finally, let's choose smaller items like soap dispensers and towel holders. Whether our bathroom will be in a rustic style or perhaps we choose subdued colors, black accessories in the bathroom will fit into almost any arrangement.

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