What to look for when buying a shower enclosure? 3 tips

05 of April '24
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  1. The actual dimension of the shower enclosure is a little smaller than the information on the package.
  2. If the cabin will be put directly on the floor, try to make the edge of the glass stand on the grout line.
  3. Hinges flush with the glass will help keep the shower clean.
  4. A special hydrophobic layer prevents staining.
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What should you keep in mind when choosing a shower enclosure? We point out three things you need to pay attention to.

Wybierając kabinę prysznicową zwróć uwagę na kilka istotnych detali

When choosing a shower enclosure, pay attention to several important details

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1. The actual size of the shower enclosure

Shower enclosures are designed to be mounted on a shower tray. Its dimensions are written in the name of the shower enclosure. However, the actual parameters are slightly smaller. A shower enclosure labeled, for example, 90 × 90 may have an outline of 88 × 88 or 89 × 89 cm. Then the whole thing works well. However, if the cabin will stand directly on the floor, you need to keep this difference in mind. If you tile a square with exactly this side under the 90 × 90 model, the edges of the tiles will stick out. The shower looks much better if the edge of the glass stand on the grout line.

Różne ustawienia prysznica

Different shower settings

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2. Hinges flush with the glass

The right hinges can make it easier to keep a shower enclosure clean. Certain models are not superimposed on the glass, but recessed into the thickness of it. As a result, the shower does not have edges on which limescale or soap can easily accumulate.

Zawiasy zlicowane ze szkłem zapobiegają powstawaniu zabrudzeń

Hinges flush with the glass prevent dirt from forming

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3. Special coating for easy cleaning

When choosing a shower, look out for models with a hydrophobic layer, so that limescale and cosmetics do not stick to the glass. On an ordinary glass after a shower, water droplets stick. In the case of glass with a special coating, the water runs off faster, combining into wider streams. After the shower, just reach for a glass squeegee or a soft microfiber cloth.

Porównanie - po lewej zwykła szyba, po prawej szkło ze specjalną warstwą hydrofobową

Comparison — on the left regular glass, on the right glass with a special hydrophobic layer

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