Harmony and functionality - japandi style interior

24 of April '24
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  1. The apartment is located in the center of Cracow.
  2. The 42 - meter apartment is intended for rent.
  3. The interior was decorated in japandi style.
  4. The arrangement was created by the PIM Concept studio.
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Architects from the PIM Concept design studio created an interior that balances universal design with distinctive character of the arrangment.

A space that adapts to the resident

The 42 m² apartment is intended for rental. Therefore, its arrangement had to be designed accordingly. The result is a space that easily adapts to the diverse tastes and preferences of tenants, while maintaining its unique identity. Every element of the interior, from the decorative lamps to the irregular mirrors, is consciously chosen and creates a coherent and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Mieszkanie zostało zaprojektowane tak, aby najemcy mogli z łatwością dostosować je do swoich potrzeb

The apartment has been designed in such a way that tenants can easily adapt it to their needs

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

Distinctive details

The living area consists of a living room and kitchenette. The lounge area features a soft corner sofa with fleshy cushions. Oak parquet flooring adds warmth and class to the interior and an irregular mirror not only enlarges the space, but also provides a designer accent. The walls have been finished with natural textured plaster in a shade of sand.

W salonie znajduje się miękki narożnik Ściany zostały wykończone tynkiem strukturalnym

The walls have been finished with structural plaster

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

Multifunctional kitchen island

The focal point of the annex is an island finished with a stone countertop. It is not only a practical work zone, but also a place to have a coffee with friends. Above it hangs an irregularly shaped lamp. Such decorative lighting emphasizes the modern character of the interior.

Wyspa spełnia zarówno funkcję roboczą, jak i miejsca spotkań Aranżacja utrzymana jest w neutralnych kolorach

The island serves both as a work zone and a meeting place

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

An oasis of calm

The center piece of a bedroom arrangment is a bed with a soft, upholstered headrest and wooden bedside tables with Viennese braid.

- We wanted to create a space that would be elegant and cozy at the same time. Nature is present in almost every inch of this apartment — thanks to the use of such materials as wood and stone. We kept the entire space in subdued earthy colors: brown, beige and muted green, to create an atmosphere that helps to relax- describes Gabriela Gajek, interior designer from the PIM Concept studio.

Stoliki nocne zdobione są plecionką wiedeńską Łóżko posiada miękki tapicerowany zagłówek

The bedside tables are decorated with Viennese plaid

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

Luxurious and cozy

Two types of tiles were used in the bathroom. One imitates marble, while the other is decorated with fashionable fluting. The walk-in shower was separated from the rest of the room only by a single wall made of transparent glass. As a result, the design does not overwhelm the small space. A large mirror and gold accessories are the cherry on top of this elegant arrangement.

Prysznic typu walk-in został oddzielony wyłącznie szklaną ścianką W łazience zastosowano dwa rodzaje płytek. Jedne są zdobione ryflowaniem, drugie imitują marmur

Two types of tiles were used in the bathroom. One is decorated with fluting, the other imitates marble

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

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