This is the house in which Doda was looking for love! We are visiting a luxury villa in Radość

17 of May '24
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  1. The house in Radosc was designed by Marcin Klukowski, Monika Bronikowska and Adam Bronikowski of the Exterio studio.
  2. The villa consists of two staggered blocks.
  3. The building was used to record the reality show "Doda. 12 Steps to Love."
  4. The program was broadcast on Polsat.
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Architects from Exterio studio have designed a luxury villa. The building is surrounded by the forest.

Dom otoczony jest sosnowym lasem

The house is surrounded by a pine forest

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Surrounded by nature and świdermajer

Radość is part of Warsaw's Wawer district. This picturesque place was once a popular resort. Nowadays, due to its numerous hiking and biking trails, Radość is often visited by people who like to spend their time actively. You can also admire świdermajer and richly decorated wooden houses from the 19th and 20th century here.

Piętro budynku wydaje się unosić nad podstawą

The first floor seems to be floating above the base of the building

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Fitting in with the surroundings

The architects' main goal was to respect the surroundings and interfere as little as possible with the natural landscape. The building was supposed to take full advantage of both the potential of this unique neighborhood and the natural qualities of the plot, which is overgrown by a pine forest. Therefore the building area of the plot was limited. In addition, space intended for a garage and utility rooms was hidden in the underground floor of the house.

Willa składa się z dwóch przesuniętych względem siebie brył

The villa consists of two blocks offset from each other

Photo by Yassen Hristov

- In addition to blending in with the surroundings, the design was also intended to provide residents with direct contact with nature and a sense of intimacy — says architect Marcin Klukowski.

The reality show "Doda. 12 kroków do miłości" was recorded in this impressive house. The program was aired on Polsat. For the duration of its shooting, Doda left her apartment and moved in to the villa in Radość.

Optical illusion

The house consists of two blocks offset from each other. It gives dynamics to its simple geometric forms. The first floor of the building appears to float above the base like a box suspended among the trees. This impression is enhanced by the facade. The architects used contrasting colors on it. Graphite on the ground floor blends in with the shady surroundings of the forest. Meanwhile, the white on the first floor reflects the sun's rays and shines brightly between the tall trees.

Górna część elewacji jest biała, dolna ma grafitowy kolor

The upper part of the facade is white. The lower one is graphite

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Letting nature in

The lower level takes the form of a pavilion. Large-scale glazing illuminates and optically enlarges the interior. It also allows to admire the surrounding greenery. Two covered terraces serve a similar function. The first one is located on the ground floor and is directly adjacent to the corner living room. Second was created through moving the level of the first floor relative to the ground floor. The use of the same finishing materials enhances the effect of the garden and interior blending in.

Willa posiada dwa zadaszone tarasy

The villa has two covered terraces

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Warming wood

The villa is decorated in a modern style. The arrangement is dominated by wood, which gives the interior a warm yet elegant feel. The spacious living room is connected with the dining area, at the heart of which stood a massive wooden table. There is also a fireplace, which further warms the house. On the first floor, which has no slants due to its flat roof, large bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms were created.

Dzięki dużym przeszkleniom salon otwiera się na ogród

Thanks to large glazing, the living room opens to the garden

Photo by Yassen Hristov

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