Two bathroom arrangements with microcement

13 of May '24
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  1. The project was created by Agnieszka Musiał-Chmielnik of Musiał Studio.
  2. Tiles imitating stone were used in the first bathroom.
  3. In the upstairs bathroom there is a free-standing bathtub.
  4. Microcement was used in both arrangements.
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Agnieszka Musiał-Chmielnik created arrangements for two bathrooms. Both of them are united by the use of the same material — microcement.

Stone and white

The first bathroom is located on the ground floor. Its arrangement is based on shades of beige and gray. Here the architect used large tiles imitating stone. A significant accent is white microcement, which gives a delicate texture and creates the base of the space. This material was used not only on the wall. It can also be found on the built-in. The arrangement is complemented by an organic-shaped mirror and white fixtures.

W łazience na parterze architektka wykorzystała płytki imitujące kamień

In the first bathroom, the architect used tiles imitating stone

Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska Photo: Łukasz Zandecki © Geberit

- A sizable shower area was separated by custom-made glass. Inside there is a minimalist drain finished in stainless steel. The toilet bowl is complemented by a flush button, behind which an innovative odor removal system is hidden. To save a few centimeters, we used a slim concealed rack, which is only 8 cm wide. The room also includes a countertop washbasin. We wanted a larger sink, because this bathroom also serves as a laundry room (a washing machine with a dryer are hidden in the white built-in) - explains Agnieszka Musiał-Chmielnik.

Łazienka spełnia także funkcje gospodarcze dlatego zastosowano większą umywalkę

The bathroom also serves as a laundry room, which is why a larger sink was used

Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska Photo: Łukasz Zandecki © Geberit

Minimalism and geometry

In the upstairs bathroom, microcement covers both the floor and walls. The result is a minimalist look. On one of the walls, the microcement was broken with geometric 3D tiles, which are the main decorative accent of this arrangement. Everything is complemented by a free-standing bathtub with a rounded shape and white ceramics. An interesting addition is a large geometric mirror. Under it, there are two suspended washbasins.

Mikrocement pokrywa zarówno ściany, jak i podłogę W łazience na parterze znajdują się dwie umywalki

Microcement covers both the walls and the floor

Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska Photo: Łukasz Zandecki © Geberit

- In order to save space, in this bathroom we also opted for a slim-type concealed rack. However, the flush button is almost invisible. Behind it, just like in the ground floor bathroom, an innovative system for odor extraction was placed. We covered the outer surface of the button with microcement, making the whole thing very minimalist. The toilet bowl has a washing function. The modern and minimalist body does not reveal that the device hides an additional function. A neat remote control on the wall next to the toilet bowl is used to operate this function — adds the designer.

Toaleta może być sterowana pilotem

The toilet can be controlled by remote control

Styling: Aleksandra Tefelska Photo: Łukasz Zandecki © Geberit

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