Bedroom in black

16 of May '24
w skrócie
  1. The project was created by architect Katarzyna Arsenowicz.
  2. The nearly 300-square-meter house is located close to Warsaw.
  3. The theme of the arrangement is black color.
  4. The walls around the bed were covered with matte paint.
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Previously we have already looked at a home office designed by Katarzyna Arsenowicz. Today we present a bedroom of a house near Warsaw.

Clean interiors

The owners of the nearly 300-square-meter house wanted the interiors to be minimalistic, but cozy. The investors also wanted the space not to be overloaded with equipment. Only the most necessary furniture and as few ornaments and decorative details as possible. Above all, black was to be the leitmotif of the arrangement. Katarzyna Arsenowicz treated this as a „special challenge”. The architect began by outlining the functional layout. The rooms were divided into a living and a private area. Outside the window there is a beautifully landscaped atrium. The vegetation tended by the gardener is a kind of green curtain that separates the two zones.

Łóżko zostało umieszczone we wnęce

The bed has been placed in an alcove

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Cozy black

The architect points out that black paradoxically has a lot of warmth in it. By juxtaposing it with warm beiges, the bedroom is cozy and looks consistent with the rest of the house. In a large gently illuminated alcove, a comfortable bed was set up. The surrounding wall was obviously covered with black paint. This time, however, in matte. That created a band, which wraps the sleeping area like a modern canopy.

Sypialnię od łazienki oddziela tafla ryflowanego szkła

The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a sheet of fluted glass

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

Yin and yang

The dark elements were balanced by a light neutral floor made of huge sinters. Architect managed to avoid the overwhelming effect by using glass on both sides of the bed. On one of the walls, there is a very large mirror. Opposite, a fluted panel hides the bathroom. The delicate texture of the glass provides intimacy, while beautifully illuminating both rooms. The architect chose lamps with simple forms, devoid of unnecessary decorations. Thanks to this, the lighting fit perfectly into the restrained atmosphere of the house. A strip of warm light was placed above the alcove with the bed. There are also two versions of lamps on the bedside tables. The white one has a thinner and slightly longer stem. The black one is lower and wider. This adds an interesting variety, while not disturbing the minimalist character of the arrangement.

Jedna lampka jest czarna, druga biała Na stolikach nocnych znajdują się dwie wersje lampek

There are two versions of lamps on the bedside tables

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Agnieszka Możdżer

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