Kitchen with black appliances and gold-colored elements - the latest trends!

11 of November '21

Kitchen with black appliances and elements
in the color of gold - the latest trends!

Create stylish and modern kitchens with the Kernau brand

Polish brand Kernau not only offers us high-quality household appliances, but also inspires us to create stylish interiors. See how easy it is with Kernau appliances to create the kitchen of your dreams.


KCH 0890 B Gold Island hood


Kernau - functionality and design

Kernau brand to the Polish market for years has been providing appliances that are distinguished by functionality, reliability, but also sophisticated design. When introducing novelties to its offer, it always follows current trends and tries to set new directions in interior design. All this to help its customers create spaces in which they will simply feel good.

The quality of Kernau products is confirmed by as much as a 5-year warranty,
, which is provided free of charge on most appliances.

New products in Kernau's range

Black household appliances have long reigned supreme in our kitchens. Of course, there is no shortage of them in the range of Kernau brand, but now among the novelties we can also find black appliances with gold-colored elements. And what can a kitchen arranged with their use look like? See for yourself!


KGS D 6078 1B1D DEEP BLACK set + KS-SS 1B Gold Nano siphon


Kitchen refined in details

A well-planned space becomes comfortable to use. Its functionality is largely determined by the layout of household appliances.

In this kitchen, the cooking zone was planned on a centrally located island, where a four-zone induction cooktop KIH 6434-4B was installed, which owes its elegant finish to a special Black Undercoat. Above it hovered the KCH 0890 B Gold Island island hood with 4-stage fan control, which also takes care of adequate lighting for the hob. This is the first of the appliances to feature gold elements.

The decorative casing enlivens the arrangement and adds a chic touch.

Gold accents can also be found in the wet zone, which is formed by the KGS D 6078 1B1D Deep Black sink with the KWT 35 Gold Nano faucet. The pragmatic sink is equipped with a glass cutting board and an additional drip board. An interesting element is the gold drain set used in it.


Set KGS D 6078 1B1D DEEP BLACK + Siphon KS-SS 1B Gold Nano


Installed in a tall enclosure, the two ovens KBO 1076 S PT B and the microwave KMO 203.1 G B have a number of functions that make it so easy to achieve perfect results when baking or heating food.

This is just a sample of the possibilities offered by Kernau appliances. For more inspiration, check out the brand's official website.

For more information, visit the company's KERNAU / GT GROUP TOMASZEK Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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