Around the house

The garden is an extension of our interior, which is why it is so important to take good care of it. A beautiful view from a window can almost be like a living painting. Whether we start designing a garden from scratch or want to adapt an existing space, there are various ways to make the garden a place where we can relax and calm down.

Green kingdom

Plants are like people, each has its own personality. Some are eye-catching and extremely showy, while others are modest and reliable. To add variety to garden near the house, we can mix plants and flowers of different heights, colors and textures. The basis of this beautiful mix, however, is the lawn. It alone can be the unique decoration of any corner of our green land. Choosing garden plants is a journey of discovery. When designing a garden, start with a plan to get colors, textures and forms that work together. All paths must be well thought out, and the paving used must be surfaces - resistant to harsh weather conditions. When the work is finished, stepping out onto the magnificent terrace, we can savor our creation.

Outdoor attractions

The garden can be a great place to spend leisure time. According to research, being out in it is an invaluable stress reliever - and in our busy, fast-paced world, this is especially important. Relaxing on a garden lounger amidst the greenery while reading a book - sounds good, right? The garden can also be a great place for entertaining. By locating a pool in some corner of your backyard property, you create the perfect place for fun, not only for children, but also for older users.

Enjoyable responsibilities

Gardening is not just a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. It goes without saying that we need to take care of our beautifully designed green nook on a regular basis. It doesn't stop at weeding the plants and pruning them regularly. Another matter is protection of wood and metal, from which various landscaping elements are made, but also gates and fences around the house.

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