A terrace for summer, a terrace for years to come - with wood or composite decking from DLH

Beautiful as well as functional floors for balconies and terraces today are made primarily of planks - both wooden and composite. Models differing not only in material, but also in dimensions, colors and surface finish are available from a proven supplier - DLH.

Deska tarasowa z drewna egzotycznego GARAPA

Terrace board made of exotic wood GARAPA


What feature of a terrace covering is the most important? It is, of course, durability - resistance to changes in atmospheric conditions, the needs of users, as well as.... fashions. After all, building or renovating a balcony or terrace is an investment for years. Suitable solutions can easily be found in the DLH offer. The company has been operating in Poland for more than 30 years and has continually provided top-quality wooden floors, countertops and facade and terrace boards.

Kompozytowa deska tarasowa z kolekcji DUNA

Composite decking board from the DUNA collection


Even closer to nature. Natural boards

Natural wood terraces - noble and ecological - create a wonderful space for relaxation. Over the years, they can cover themselves with patina, but proper care significantly inhibits this process. It is enough to sweep them regularly, remove any stains on an ongoing basis and oil the terrace once or twice a year.
Natural boards are available in many shades of brown. The darkest shades are easily found among exotic species, such as merbau, ipe (lapacho ), massaranduba. Of domestic species, on the other hand, thermo ash resembles them in shade. Medium browns will bring, among others, bangkirai, cumaru and garapa, as well as treated pine. Reaching for light golden shades will allow spruce and the popular Siberian larch, among others.

Kompozytowa deska tarasowa z kolekcji LUNA

Composite decking board from the LUNA collection


Trendy colors, friendly textures. Composite decking boards

Composite boards are also a great choice for a modern terrace. These products, are distinguished by excellent resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the production technology used here excludes problems such as rotting and damage caused by pests, fungi or by severe frost. In the LUNA, DUNA and GALA collections, composite planks are available in different grooves and in several shades - from gray to graphite, dark brown, light brown and teak.

Deska drewniana z modrzewia syberyjskiego

Siberian larch wood plank


The SOLID (with one side smooth and the other densely grooved) and SOLID STRUCTURE (with a unique wood grain pattern on the market) collections, also available from DLH, are very popular. Planks from these two series have a solid cross section. Thus, they allow you to make terraces also with irregular contours and those where the edge for various reasons has or must be exposed. They are available in fashionable colors: silver, gray, graphite, light brown, dark brown and teak.

Deska tarasowa z drewna egzotycznego Bangkirai

Exotic wood decking board Bangkirai


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