Roofs and roof accessories for your home

Roofs are an investment for years that is not worth saving on. Covering our home, they must take the worst weather conditions. In doing so, they must not leak or deform. Much more is required of them - they must be safe, durable, attractive and flexible enough to withstand major temperature changes without unsealing.

Choose accordingly

Today there are so many types and styles of roofing materials that trying to choose the right one for us can be really hard work. Over the centuries, construction techniques have been refined to produce roofs of considerable strength and durability. A wide range of materials have been developed that will last for many years - in some cases as long as the entire house. Before making any decision, it is important to consider how long the roof is expected to last, whether it should complement the design of the house, the amount of money we can spend on it, and whether we prefer organic and natural products.

Same function quite different look

A modern roof, regardless of shape or surface material, consists of various components that include wood or metal framing, sheathing, underlayment, flashings, gutters and, of course, clay tiles or other roofing materials. Adequate moisture protection in the form of appropriate roof membranes or vapor-permeable layers is also important. The roof is also divided according to slope. The traditional option is steeply pitched, rarely less than 35°. Flat roofs, which, by the way, are never flat, are always constructed to prevent the accumulation of rainwater.

Ecological roofs

Today, in an era of unheard-of popularity of sustainability, there is a huge interest in creating green or peat roofs. They are perhaps the most visible sign of an eco-friendly, passive home. In fact, this is nothing new. Indeed, they have been used in parts of Scandinavia and Scotland for hundreds of years, but today's green roof is a completely different story, full of modern installations and amenities. Another eco solution is also modern photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof. This is just an innovative solution!

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