Green roofs and energy savings, or DELTA's new generation of roofing membranes

Green roofs are one of the most important trends in construction in recent years. They delight with the creativity of construction, increase the comfort of residents, increase the value of investments and, most importantly, have a very positive impact on the environment.

They are appreciated by local governments, appreciated by private investors. A green roof means air filtration, water retention, lowering the surface temperature, thus fighting smog, the effects of heavy rain or heat. These are also energy-saving issues. Building owners want to pay less to operate their buildings, so when designing structures, more and more attention is being paid to the selection of materials that will provide the best properties.

Szkoła Filmowa, Gdynia

Film School, Gdynia


Dorken, meeting market expectations, has become a leader in green roof solutions. It offers innovative products to create the most advanced and unusual green structures. Examples of projects using the company's materials include the Gdynia Film Center or SKY PARK in Bratislava, designed by Zaha Hadid's studio. Both used the brand's products.

Nowa generacja membran dachowych

New generation of roofing membranes


Dorken membranes are also the best choice when creating an energy-efficient building, providing not only vapor permeability, but also excellent insulation so you pay less for heating. DELTA®-MAXX PLUS prevents the penetration of cold air and moisture from outside, thanks to its self-adhesive edge. What's more, the double adhesive strips speed up work and mean that up to 30% less material is used during installation. DELTA®-FOXX (PLUS), on the other hand, is a highly resistant extreme weather membrane that is ideal for use in mountainous areas, on boarded roofs and closed facades. Both products are available in an upgraded version, providing durability not previously available on the market. Thanks to Dorken's research, a new generation resistant to air movement over the membrane has been developed with a guarantee of 30 years of full functionality.

System dachu zielonego Dorken DELTA

Dorken DELTA green roof system


More information about the company Dörken Delta Folie Sp. z o.o. on the PdD portal.

Dachówki ceramiczne VERONA