Prefabricated roof trusses

Using prefabricated roof trusses comes with a wide variety of benefits for the investor. First of all, it is a much cheaper and faster solution than building a traditional truss. - says Maksymilian Wychowanek CEO of Wiązar Polska.


One of the main advantages of building a roof with prefabricated trusses is very fast realization. This is because the assembly of prefabricated elements goes through faster and more efficiently than, for example, building a traditional truss from scratch. The pre-designed and pre-built roof structure is delivered to the site just before installation, and then placed on the building with the help of a crane. In contrast, the installation of the roof itself usually takes no more than a few days.

Dach wielopołaciowy. Realizacja w Świdnicy

Multi-slope roof. Realization in Świdnica



Using ready-made timber trusses is also a way to reduce the cost of the entire investment. Why? Well, compared to reinforced concrete, wood is a relatively cheap material, and prefabricated trusses use less than, for example, during the construction of a traditional truss. What's more, the trusses are built off-site. This shortens the work of the construction team, which significantly reduces the cost of paying workers.


Whether you are building a single-family residential house or a large industrial hall, you certainly care about the safety of the people under their roof. A truss roof, on the other hand, is the greatest guarantee of safety. This is because professional trusses are manufactured using specialized machinery. This guarantees the precision of workmanship and accuracy of each of their elements, and thus greater durability and stability of the entire roof structure. What's more, in prefabricated roofs the individual elements are connected using barbed plate technology, rather than nails as in the case of traditional trusses. In turn, this significantly eliminates dangerous stresses.

Dach dwuspadowy z otwartą przestrzenią nad tarasem. Realizacja w Makowicach

Gabled roof with open space above the terrace. Realization in Makowice



Prefabricated trusses are made of C24 grade lumber dried at the right temperature and humidity. In turn, the drying process eliminates all insect larvae, which very often "attack" wooden elements, and protects against the development of harmful fungi and mold. This, in turn, has a huge impact on the durability of the entire structure.


With the use of roof trusses, there is no need for masonry, the very massive elements of the traditional truss. This significantly reduces the load on the load-bearing walls, and as a result, they are more resistant to all external influences.

Osiedle domków jednorodzinnych. Realizacja w Polanicy Zdrój

Estate of single-family houses. Implementation in Polanica Zdrój



It is also worth mentioning that roof trusses provide a great opportunity to choose the type of roof. With their help, you can build both a mono-pitched roof and a gabled roof, as well as adapt its design individually to your needs.

For more information, visit the company's WIĄZAR page on the PdD portal.

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