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All-black kitchen appliances of the Mythos line

06 of December '23

Mythos is a line of premium kitchen appliances from Swiss brand Franke, in an all-black finish. The models form a complementary system with a harmonious, minimalist style, providing a versatile and elegant proposition for any kitchen.

Franke, piekarniki do zabudowy z linii Mythos oraz szuflada grzewcza

Franke, built-in ovens from the Mythos line and warming drawer


Oven and microwave oven

The foundation of the line is the Mythos ovens, which won the Red Dot Design Award. In addition to their unique design , they are distinguished by convenient, intelligent features such as CookAssist, which are automatic programs, steam functions for preparing tasty, dietary dishes, MultiCooking, with which we bake up to four different dishes at once without their flavors and aromas mixing, and a three-and-a-half-inch TFT color touchscreen. Complementing the oven is a microwave oven.

Franke, ekspres do kawy i szuflada AGD z akcesoriami do serowowania kawy i herbaty

Franke, coffee maker and appliance drawer with coffee and tea servery accessories


Coffee maker with white goods drawer

The Mythos built-in coffee maker allows you to prepare a cup of your favorite coffee - from cappuccino to espresso to a small black of your choice, thanks to a five-stage intensity scale for the drink. The appliance is complemented by a specialized household drawer with an oak wood organizer, with recesses for accessories necessary for serving coffee and tea. With the bean and leaf containers, you can store and keep fresh your favorite varieties or blends. The included latte art set allows you to create designs on the surface of your coffee.

Franke, chłodziarka do wina i szuflada AGD z akcesoriami do serowowania różnych gatunków wina

Franke, wine cooler and appliance drawer with accessories for serving different types of wine.


Wine refrigerator with white goods drawer

The Mythos wine refrigerator holds up to 24 different sized bottles, which are stored on three pull-out shelves made of oak wood. Finding the wine quickly is made easy with best-in-class LED lighting. The wine cellar is equipped with a specialized white goods drawer with an oak organizer, with a set of bottle openers, corkscrews and stoppers, such as for champagne. Each of them has its place in specially shaped grooves.

Franke, płyta indukcyjna i okap linii Mythos

Franke, induction hob and hood of the Mythos line.


90 cm wide induction cooktop

The Mythos induction cooktop, 90 cm wide, is equipped with CookAssist, which are automatic cooking programs, eight cooking fields with the possibility of combining them, and two displays for controlling the operation.

Franke, piekarnik z funkcjami parowymi z linii Mythos

Franke, oven with steam functions from the Mythos line.


Island and wall-mounted hood

Keeping with the loft style, the Mythos T-Shelf island hood features two smoked glass shelves for herbs and accessories. The Mythos Pro wall-mounted hood, on the other hand, features an extra-high-capacity filter.

Franke, bateria Icon Semi-Pro

Franke, Icon Semi-Pro faucet


Faucet and sink

The Kanon, Maris and Fresno sinks are set in matte black Fragranite. Their components, such as the drain and overflow bezels, have the same type of finish. Complementing them will be the Icon Semi-Pro kitchen faucet. This model is equipped with a movable spout, allowing precise control of the water flow, and a magnetic handle that makes the spout automatically return to its place. In addition, the ability to switch between a compact laminar stream and a shower provides convenience for a variety of kitchen work and saves water. The faucet has won Red Dot and Good Design awards.

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