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Shower cabins that inspire with colors

06 of December '23

About trends and fashion

When black shower stalls appeared on the bathroom market, it was clear to all professionals in the interior design industry that this was only the first step. The color scheme of bathroom fixtures has been undergoing a period of very dynamic development for several years now. This has progressed in parallel with customers' growing expectations that their interiors will be special, unique and unrepeatable. As a manufacturer of shower enclosures with an obliging brand name, we do our best to create products that are innovative and meet customer expectations.

That's why we already had a cabin in Gold Brushed color (Avexa collection) in New Trendy 's offer in 2020, and at the beginning of 2022 we supplemented our portfolio with products in brushed copper and gunmetal colors. We have made a promise to create new trends and provide bold solutions to make bathrooms unique interiors that will please the eye and provide comfort for years to come. In 2023, we are adding completely innovative colors: Black Chrome and Copper Shine in the Eventa collection. Therefore, we have once again unique colorations that will sensationally fit into boho or glamour style interiors.

Precyzyjne pomiary są podstawą tworzenia kabin Na Wymiar, pod indywidualny projekt klienta

Precise measurements are the basis for the creation of made-to-measure cabins, according to the individual project of the customer.


We create to measure

On the one hand we have the aforementioned growing expectations of customers in terms of design, but on the other hand we have the reality of very diverse apartments and houses, where an interior designer has to go beyond the usual schemes to incorporate a shower enclosure into the bathroom and plan it in accordance with the principles of ergonomics and functionality. We are aware of how diverse the needs of investors are - the niche is not always exactly 90 cm, and a cabin under a slant in the attic is often the only option. It is in response to these needs that we run and develop our On Dimension product department.

New Soleo Copper Brushed została finalistą prestiżowego polskiego konkursu Dobry Wzór 2023

New Soleo Copper Brushed has become a finalist in the prestigious Polish competition Good Design 2023


Virtually every one of our cabins can be modified so that it is fully functional, but also adapted to the capabilities of the room in which it is to be used. As part of the On Dimension program, we can also personalize our cabins for specific ideas and expectations of our customers. An example of a variant to be modified is the type of glass used. Currently of great interest among architects is Visiosun fluted glass, while customers planning a walk-in cabin often choose OptiClear perfectly white glass . The satin surface of the glass is the ideal solution for providing greater intimacy. Our possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the investor or interior designer and the final functionality.

In unusual situations, our Certified Installers come to the rescue with their years of experience in measuring non-standard projects. The Dimension order prepared by them is a very important step, which allows architects to focus on the next stages of bathroom fittings, without worrying about the correctness of the measurements taken by themselves.

Broad horizons on every level

Our products are the end result of the work of enthusiasts who seek the latest solutions not only in matters of design and functionality alone. We also focus on the highest standards related to our customer service. We have an extensive distribution network and are present in the best bathroom showrooms in Poland and abroad. Our Production Department and Logistics Center carry out each order with attention to detail and in the shortest possible time.

W ofercie New Trendy są wyjątkowe kabiny typu walk-in, w najmodniejszych kolorach. Na zdjęciu zaprezentowano kabinę Nesta w kolorze Gold Brushed, z popularnym ryflowanym szkłem Visiosun, dostępnym w ofercie Na Wymiar.

New Trendy offers unique walk-in cabins in the most fashionable colors. The photo shows the Nesta cabin in Gold Brushed color, with the popular Visiosun fluted glass, available in the Na Wymiar offer.


Awareness of our customers

For several years now we have been observing a trend that indicates the growing awareness of our customers, for whom appearance, quality, functionality or attention to detail are much more important than financial savings. Investors, when making decisions, are guided, among other things, by warranty periods, which in the case of New Trendy products reach up to 7 years. Another argument in favor is the specialized network of service technicians and certified installers, who advise, assist, and in unusual situations always arrange matters so that the customer can enjoy the full functionality of his cabin as soon as possible.

Smart Light Gold to połączenie kabiny typu walk-in z przesuwnymi drzwiami

Smart Light Gold is a combination of a walk-in cabin with sliding doors


Cooperation at the highest level

The New Trendy brand appears at many industry events and meetings with architects. We listen with satisfaction to the stories of projects in which our cabins have contributed, but also ask what else we can do to make the architects' work easier. In August of this year, we launched a new website where you can find models of most of our products. For those who prefer paper versions, there is a catalog, which we call a compendium of our entire product portfolio. Our salespeople will be happy to provide you with samples of glass, fittings and shower trays, and the Marketing department is waiting to hear from you by email or via social media, which we love to share withyou - we look forward to the projects and their realizations to show them off on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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