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Lavita - realizing the dream of your beautiful interior

06 of December '23

Nowadays, a bathroom is much more than just a place for daily hygiene. It is becoming a space for relaxation and an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. When we design and arrange bathrooms, we look for modern and innovative solutions that provide both functionality and aesthetics. In this context, meet Domino Poland, a company that has been creating solutions for modern bathroom spaces for years. Our brands, including LAVITA, often determine the unique character of the apartments and homes of customers who, together with us, realize the dreams of their BEAUTIFUL INTERIORIES.

Szafka wisząca Oklahoma Green Mat 80 z blatem Oak 80 i umywalką Pasana, Bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa Orion Black Mat, lustro Stilbe 80, miska wisząca Murya z deską Smart, stojak na ręczniki Bohol

Oklahoma Green Mat 80 wall-mounted cabinet with Oak 80 countertop and Pasana sink, Orion Black Mat concealed sink faucet, Stilbe 80 mirror, Murya wall-mounted bowl with Smart board, Bohol towel rack


Domino Poland was founded over 30 years ago with a passion and commitment to creating bathrooms that combine the latest design trends with functionality and durability. From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to quality and innovation, which has become a philosophy we still follow today. The Lavita brand offers a wide range of bathroom products and solutions to meet a variety of customer needs. We provide innovative solutions, but also contribute to the evolution of the bathroom space. Our commitment to quality, ecology and design makes it an inspiration for anyone looking for unique and modern bathrooms. With our comprehensive range of bathroom furnishings, you have the opportunity to create an interior that perfectly reflects your taste and meets all your needs. When you choose our products, you are investing in quality, functionality and style.

Szafka Oklahoma Wood 80 z umywalką Kolorado 80, bateria umywalkowa niska Orion Black Mat, Lustro Chloris Black 80, wanna przyścienna narożna Caldera P 160, bateria wannowa Orion ze słuchawką i wężem Black Mat

Oklahoma Wood 80 cabinet with Kolorado 80 washbasin, Orion Black Mat low washbasin faucet, Chloris Black 80 mirror, Caldera P 160 corner wall-mounted bathtub, Orion bathtub faucet with handset and hose Black Mat


Wash bowls - space, style and functionality - unique solutions in the bathroom

In our range we present a revolutionary solution that will add exceptional comfort to your daily personal hygiene. Our Dola and Murya Smart washing bowls with men's and women's washing function, heated board and drying are products that combine innovative technology, elegant design and exceptional functionality. We offer you a complete solution that will allow you to enjoy increased comfort and hygiene in the bathroom. Thanks to its flushing system and stylish design, daily grooming rituals become even more pleasant.

Seria umywalek Merida, Altaya oraz Pasana

Merida, Altaya and Pasana series of washbasins


Discover the world of colorful ceramics - practicality and style in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where we begin and end our daily rituals. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that it is not only functional, but also full of style and personality. One element that can add character to your bathroom is colorful wall-mounted bowls and sinks. This is a great way to avoid monotony and emphasize individual taste. Colorful bowls and sinks are a great way to add character to your bathroom. The right color can reflect your personality, interests and even your mood.

Miska wisząca Dola z deską Smart

Dola wall-mounted bowl with smart board


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