Paints, chemicals, plasters

Paints, chemicals, plasters


When choosing a color, we must remember that it can give character to the interior or accentuate significant elements of it. On the other hand, facade paint will not only make the building more attractive, but also knowing its technical parameters will allow you to create a protective layer.


What paint color to choose for interiors?

Choosing the right colors significantly affects the functioning and well-being of people who are in a particular room. The color of the walls can motivate action, as well as create interiors that provide peace and comfort for relaxation. Therefore, it is worth taking a few moments to choose the right colors in our interiors. Of course, we all have our own tastes and not everyone will feel comfortable, for example, in maroon interiors. However, the general rule is that warm colors have a stimulating effect, while cold colors, on the other hand, calm and relax.

What parameters to consider when choosing paint?

When selecting paint for interiors, it is important to pay attention to several more important issues. Not only color and shade are important, but also texture, abrasiveness, viscosity, gloss level, performance, drying time, resistance to washing and scrubbing. All this information should be included on the package. This helps not only to plan the performance and time of finishing work, but also to choose the right paints for specific interiors and purposes. Certainly in kitchens, or places where there are a lot of people, washable paints will be better applied.
Particularly noteworthy are places where there are a lot of people, such as: train stations, offices, or hotels. There, the selection of paints must take into account their high usage, as well as, as in the case of hotels, guarantee the quality that will provide appropriate aesthetics and create a unique atmosphere of the rooms.

What to pay attention to when finishing the facade?

Color of the facade is the first thing that catches the eye of a person who looks at the building. The right choice of color can enhance the exterior of a building and make it more interesting and unique. However, choosing the right color, in this case, is not everything. When finishing a facade, the type of paint should be chosen so that it also becomes a protective layer of the building. Exterior walls are constantly exposed to external factors such as sunlight, all kinds of precipitation, large temperature fluctuations, corrosion, the action of microorganisms, or microdamage caused by strong winds and what is carried in them. By which the paint that will be applied to the walls should provide protection against the mentioned factors.

Before deciding on the color, purpose and composition of the facade paint, it is necessary to determine what material it is to be used on, since not every paint is suitable for every type of substrate.
Color gives the final character. It creates a space suitable for our tastes and mood. Modern technology also makes it possible to create functional paints that provide protection for walls from the outside and inside the building. Therefore, before the final selection of paints and colors, we should take a few moments to choose them properly.