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Soudal Window System - energy-efficient window installation

28 of November '22

Energy-efficient window installation - the way to sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is not only a matter of complying with strict EU requirements, but above all an investment in environmental protection. Also in Poland, due to rising energy and gas prices, investors are increasingly opting for energy-efficient solutions. A perfect example is the three-layer window installation, also referred to as "warm" or "tight installation", which is becoming a standard on the Polish market.

The Soudal Sp. z o.o. company introduced theSWS (Soudal Window System) airtight woodwork installation technology more than 20 years ago. However, Soudal experts have gone a step further, also offering SoudaFrame SWI (Soudal Window Installation) - a system for warm window installation in the thermal insulation layer, certified by the prestigious Passive House Institute.

Pianki poliuretanowe z formułą „zimową”

Polyurethane foams with "winter" formula

© Soudal

Effective and durable sealing of the window joint at the installation of woodwork dramatically reduces heat loss through this route, improving the energy performance of the building. A proven solution is the Soudal Window System (SWS) airtight window installation system, in which the sealing of the junction between the window frame and the wall is done in such a way that the insulation material used is not degraded by moisture. Soudal Window System for the three-layer installation of joinery allows you to achieve the highest thermal insulation parameters of the window joint, thus preventing energy waste in the house.

Zewnętrzna paroprzepuszczalna taśma SWS

SWS exterior vapor-permeable tape

© Soudal

The system relies on the use of three zones with well-defined properties. The middle layer is polyurethane mounting foam with excellent thermal insulation properties. It tightly fills the free spaces, preventing heat loss through the gap around the window or door. It is worth remembering that installation and sealing work can easily be performed also in sub-zero temperatures thanks to Soudal polyurethane foams with "winter" formula. However, only a dry layer of foam does not degrade and provides long-term protection against the cold. Lack of its proper protection is insufficient thermal protection and the risk of mold. Therefore, for proper installation it is necessary to protect the middle layer from moisture. The protective role is fulfilled by vapor barrier tape. The vapor-permeable tape forms the top layer and protects the foam from moisture penetration from outside the building, while the vapor-proof tape protects against moisture penetration from inside the building.

Three-layer woodwork installation provides permanent protection and sealing of the window joint, eliminates the danger of thermal bridges around the window and effectively protects against the loss of heat energy in the building, which in turn means lower heating bills.

Schemat 3-warstwowego uszczelnienia okna na bazie systemów SWS i SWI

Diagram of 3-layer window sealing based on SWS and SWI systems

© Soudal

Tight window replacement

Soudatight liquid membranes for sealing the interface between the window and the masonry are recommended especially when replacing window joinery. This contractor-proven solution allows the use of layered installation in many situations where this method could not be used before, and also contributes to a significant reduction in the time of installation work. Soudatight liquid compounds are convenient and easy to apply. They are also easily applied to very uneven substrates, which we have to deal with when replacing window frames in old and even historic buildings during their thorough renovation.

Using Soudatight liquid membranes when replacing windows and doors, contractors are able to quickly complete the work without a significant time outlay. And in addition - the costs for the investor are really small. Importantly for difficult substrates - Soudatight coatings are highly flexible, do not require priming of the substrate and can be used even on damp or slightly dusty surfaces. They also have the added advantage of very low fugitive emissions - they carry the EC1PLUS label. In addition, Soudatight LQ and SP membranes have the prestigious Passive House Institute certification, which means they meet the requirements of passive construction.

Wewnętrzna paroszczelna taśma SWS

Internal vapor-proof tape SWS

© Soudal

Installation of windows in a passive house

SoudaFrame SWI, which is a system for installing woodwork in the thermal insulation layer, combined with the Soudal Window System, makes it possible to achieve even higher insulation parameters of the window joint. In SoudaFrame SWI, the window is mounted in front of the face of the structural wall, directly on a special mounting frame, made of modern GFPR material (fiberglass-reinforced plastic). In this way, the need for mechanical fasteners, which are the main cause of thermal bridges in the thermal insulation layer around the window, is reduced during the installation of the joinery. The SoudaFrame SWI system is suitable for all typical window profiles, allows the dimensions of the installation frame to be precisely matched to the window opening, and can be used in both new and revitalized buildings. The system, like Soudatight liquid membranes, has been certified by the Passive House Institute.

Płynna membrana Soudatight LQ

Soudatight LQ liquid membrane

© Soudal

The mounting frame consists of lightweight and extremely strong "L" shaped components. They can be quickly and efficiently joined together using metal corners, which are placed in the grooves and then secured with metal screws. To fix the frame to the face of the wall, Soudaseal SWI adhesive-sealant with instant adhesion is used. Meanwhile, universal spacer wedges are used to install the window in the frame.

SoudaFrame SWI is compatible with the Soudal Window System, which was designed to form an integral, complementary system. Therefore, after installing a window on a frame from the SWI system, the window joint should be sealed, following the layered installation guidelines.

For more information, visit the company's Soudal Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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