Ventilation, Air conditioning

Ventilation, Air conditioning

Ventilation, air conditioning

How clean the air we breathe is important for how our brains work, as well as how comfortable we are in a given interior. To have any control over this, we should use proper ventilation tailored to our needs and functionality of the rooms.

Why use ventilation at all 

The quality of the air we breathe in a room is of great importance to our functioning. Brain work can be much more efficient when we have constant access to clean air. Unfortunately, the climate in which we live does not allow us to frequently ventilate rooms in autumn or winter, and here the solution is good ventilation, which will take care of the highest quality of the air we breathe. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from allergies. There are ventilation systems that perfectly clean the air from bacteria and particles.

However, modern developments have gone a step further. There is increasing talk about air quality in our cities. Smog has become a threat to our health, which is hard to fight and function normally in urban space. Therefore, our homes or workplaces should have smog-free building ventilation systems.

will ventilation get rid of unpleasant odors from the kitchen?

Smells from the kitchen are usually very pleasant. However, at moments of product processing, for example, during frying, the smells significantly intensify, which may not be comfortable. This is especially important in restaurants, so that the smell from the kitchen does not penetrate into the room. In such cases, good ventilation is the only and primary solution. Combined with a kitchen hood, it significantly eliminates cooking odors.

why do rooms develop fungi on the walls?

The humidity level is responsible for such a condition. Too high, means that there is too little airflow, which causes the growth of bacteria and fungi, which are dangerous to our bodies. To prevent such situations it is necessary to use appropriate ventilation in rooms, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, or other places where humidity is increased.

The visible result of a lack of ventilation can be mold or mildew on the walls. However, poor ventilation, or lack thereof, can significantly affect our well-being. In rooms with a lot of people, a ventilation system is essential, as it must provide clean air on a regular basis. Otherwise there is too little oxygen and too much carbon dioxide exhaled by people, which can cause drowsiness and fatigue. It is also worth noting that modern technology has led to the fact that the acoustics of ventilation may already be minimal and not significantly affect the comfort of staying in a particular room.