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Decentralized ventilation, or precise control of air circulation in the room

07 of December '23

A neglected element of your self-care. Why is space a key element of well-being?

In this day and age, as we invest in beauty and health by purchasing high sunscreens, organic foods and regular trips to the gym, it's worth considering whether we are overlooking one of the key elements of our self-care. Neglecting this aspect robs us of our energy to perform, negatively affects the quality of our sleep, makes it difficult to focus, exacerbates allergy symptoms and effectively disrupts the body's balance. For the sake of ourselves and our loved ones, let's not forget about the air quality in our apartments or homes.

Czyste powietrze bez kurzu smogu i owadów dzięki wbudowanym filtrom

Clean air without dust smog and insects thanks to built-in filters


How do I know that the ventilation in my home is effective?

Traditional ventilation methods, such as gravity vents or opening windows, do not always meet expectations. The problem of excessive moisture or allergies is becoming more pressing, especially in the context of modern, airtight homes. If you're fighting a daily battle against fatigue and malaise, consider alternative solutions. As technology advances, new and innovative approaches to this problem are emerging.

Przykład montażu urządzenia Vento Expert w łazience

Example of installation of Vento Expert in a bathroom


Is there a universal solution that will improve air quality, but is also suitable for apartments?

Before reaching for the traditional approach again, it is worth considering which option is most suitable for our individual needs. One of them is decentralized ventilation, which allows precise control over the circulation of air in a room. This solution will work well in both apartments and houses, without requiring significant interference with the structure of the building.

What to pay attention to when choosing a unit?

Units using advanced ceramic exchanger technology (such as the Vento Expert by Blauberg), effectively recover heat from the exhaust air, while providing fresh, filtered supply air. Thanks to the use of modern EC motors, they are extremely energy efficient, resulting in minimized energy consumption. The ventilation process should also not adversely affect the comfort of users, featuring low noise levels.

Sterowanie Wi-Fi w standardzie

Wi-Fi control as standard


Will the unit not ruin the aesthetics of the interior?

Decentralized ventilation offers stylistic freedom. The front panel (the visible part of the unit) can become a harmonious part of any interior. Whether your apartment is decorated in the spirit of modern minimalism or full of classic accents, the panels will easily blend in. If it's the visual aspects that are key for you, you don't have to give up your individual style to enjoy clean air.

Stwórz swój własny mikroklimat z urządzaniami Blauberg

Create your own microclimate with Blauberg appliances


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