Blauberg - fresh, clean air in your home!

An extremely important aspect of our daily life is fresh air, free from microorganisms, allergens, dust or smog. Lack of fresh air indoors not only affects poor well-being and decreased concentration, but is also the reason for the accumulation of moisture on the walls or windows, which leads to the formation of moisture inside the rooms.

Mechanical, decentralized ventilation equipment signed by the German brand Blauberg is not only a guarantee of fresh and clean air, but also energy efficiency through the use of heat recovery and fans with EC motors.

Wentylacja do pojedynczych pomieszczeń – Vento Expert A50-1 S10 W V.2

Ventilation for single rooms - Vento Expert A50-1 S10 W V.2


VENTO units are a series of units dedicated to effective ventilation of single rooms, they are equipped with a highly efficient ceramic (hygroscopic) heat exchanger, quiet reversible fan, G4 class mini-pleat filters and WiFi as standard! Vento Expert are equipped with an air humidity sensor, which allows you to maintain its set value in the indoor air. Additional ability to filter the air of PM 2.5 particles can be achieved by using F8 filters. Simple controllers mean convenience of use - each remote control, sensor buttons, mobile app or wall controller has a simple and intuitive interface. Aesthetic design of the devices allows them to fit into any interior.

Wentylacja do kuchni i łazienek - Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2

Ventilation for single rooms - Vento Expert A50-1 S10 W V.2


There is no doubt that the modern technology offered by the Blauberg brand significantly improves the quality of staying inside houses and apartments. Vento units are the definition of effective mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The Blauberg brand is also a guarantee of quality and quick installation - thanks to its design, Vento can be installed in a few hours!

Vento units have the Hygienic Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene. Blauberg brand units meet the conditions of the CLEAN AIR 2.0 program!

Vento Expert units - the most important features:

  • Reversible fan ensures constant air exchange in the room,

  • Standard and F8 filters ensure clean air free of dust, smog and insects,

  • Built-in humidity sensormaintains proper air humidity,

  • Built-in EC motors save electricity,

  • Heat recovery on ceramicheat exchanger saves on home heating,

  • Wi-Fi control provide full control over the amount of air flowing.

For more information, visit the company's BLAUBERG page on the PdD portal.