Electrical equipment essential for every home and apartment

Electricity plays a crucial role in the operation of every home. Whether we're watching TV, powering heating and cooling systems, or charging our cell phone, we know that our home's electrical system will provide us with energy wherever we need it.

Sockets and switches

Such small items can be easily overlooked in a home, but they perform extremely important functions. They allow you to light, ventilate and power appliances. Technological advances are giving sockets and switches new possibilities, so it's worth finding out what they can offer before you buy. The electrical switches presented in this section improve the usability and appearance of the devices we use every day.

Home automation

Designed should not only make the interior aesthetically pleasing, but also improve every piece of equipment we use. Smart home automation devices allow us to control these devices in a safe and convenient way. This allows us to issue a variety of commands: to turn groups of lights on and off when the front door is opened, to receive notifications about water leaks, or to programthermostat so that it works with fans and air conditioning when the room gets hot. Often, in addition to the panels on the wall, we use a dedicated smartphone app to control the devices. With it, the system provides control of the devices both through the local network and remote access. These smart appliances make the home more convenient and safer than ever.

If you need help finding the right product or advice on designing smart home automation systems, look for the latest technology and design in the Electrical Accessories section of the Home Products.