Windows and doors

Windows and doors

Windows and doors

Windows and doors well chosen will make the building not only look attractive, but also meet the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency. Appropriate glazing makes the building look original and unique.


how to choose the right windows?

Window is not just a filled hole in the wall with a frame and glazing, it is an element that connects the building to the outside world. The more light that enters a room, the brighter and more comfortable it is for its occupants. Today's trends are moving in the direction where the framing is minimalist, but not everyone prefers such. For those who appreciate the classics, such as wooden windows, companies have prepared a rich assortment.

are large windows energy efficient?

Large windows do not mean that the building is not energy efficient. Modern window joinery has very high insulation parameters, which provide warmth inside the room. Regulatory requirements for manufacturing companies, mobilize them to constantly raise the standards of selected parameters.

Large glazings allow for better contact with nature, even while sitting in a comfortable chair. Modern technological solutions have brought frameless window joints to perfection. And all for the best possible view out the window.

design or security, which door to choose?

Such dilemmas these days, should no longer matter, because today's products can combine both functions. If we set our sights on an original design for our building, aluminum doors are sure to enrich it, and the right color scheme and design will color the facade.

Security is the key.

Security is the key. Doors, locks and hardware today achieve the highest performance to guarantee peace of mind. Companies continue to improve their technologies and create new solutions to ensure the highest product quality for their customers.

Modern door technology has gone a step further. Today, doors can be personalized to our needs and lifestyle, and a mobile app will allow us to manage them from anywhere. These days, such solutions can be crucial, especially for people who can't remember whether they turned the key in the door when leaving the house.

By choosing modern finishing trends, we will make our building look phenomenal, and the latest technology will enable us to be highly energy efficient. It is only up to the customers' requirements whether they want a house full of natural light or perhaps a classic development.


Adequate lighting in the attic and maintenance of proper ventilation are best provided by roof windows. They are used not only in pitched roofs, but also in flat roofs. Their use gives the interior a unique look and maintains comfortable conditions in the attic.

Are roof windows enough to illuminate the attic?

When arranging an attic for use, we should pay special attention to its natural lighting and ventilation. For this purpose, roof windows should be considered.

We spend most of our time in buildings, whether in offices, homes, or in other places that may have their location in the attic. However, we need natural light, which is why it is so important to provide access to it, and not to use only artificial lighting.

The right number and size of roof windows can effectively solve this problem and make the space elegant and comfortable.

what kind of windows to choose?

The current market provides many convenient solutions. However, before you decide to choose the windows you like best, it is worth paying attention to their functionality. The ideal solution is to place the bottom edge of the window at a height of 120 cm from the floor, this will provide easy access to the handle, even if it is placed in the top of the frame. Such a height will also make it easier to pass under the open window.

If you want to further increase the flow of light and provide a panoramic view, it is worth combining roof window with lap windows. This will not only open up the space, but also optically enlarge the attic.

The latest solutions also make it possible to create a balcony window in the roof. The upper sash opens upwards, instead of the lower sash to the front, from which rails come out, so you can stand in the window and look out through it as if it were a balcony.

Which windows are better, wooden or plastic?

When you choose wooden windows, you don't interfere as much with the roof truss, because they are built of the same material, which makes them behave and work similarly during harsh weather conditions. However, if you place roof windows in rooms with higher humidity, such as bathrooms, then it is worth using plastic windows that are resistant to moisture.

can roof windows be placed on flat roofs?

In flat roofs, we can also illuminate the room by using roof windows. New solutions allow us to place windows of different sizes, while maintaining a high degree of thermal insulation. Thanks to structural solutions, windows in flat roofs can be placed on an additional base, which is a very good solution when we want to install them, for example, on green roof.

Retention roof windows not only visually improve the appearance of a room and the comfort of functioning, but also bring us closer to nature. They provide more light, and at night they allow us to admire the starry sky.