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Hörmann doors - every type of door for homes and public buildings

16 of December '22

Hörmann brand doors are the solution for both residential and facility construction. The company offers first-class exterior and interior doors for all rooms in the house, as well as fire and multi-functional doors for public facilities.


Aluminum exterior doors combine exclusive design, the best thermal insulation and security. The door panel with an invisible leaf profile meets the most sophisticated design requirements.

  • ThermoCarbon - ideal for passive houses, as its UD heat transfer coefficient is as low as 0.47 W/(m²∙K). The 100 mm thick door panel is filled with PU foam, and the inner leaf profile is made of a carbon-fiberglass-based composite. The 111-mm-thick aluminum frame is equipped with a thermal baffle filled with PU foam. The door is offered in RC 3 burglar resistance class as standard, and RC 4 as an option.

Aluminiowe drzwi ThermoCarbon, wzór 680 w kolorze RAL 7015 z elementami bocznymi

ThermoCarbon aluminum door, pattern 680 in RAL 7015 with side elements


  • ThermoSafe - designed for energy-efficient homes are extremely safe and warm. Thermal insulation in them reaches up to 0.87 W/(m²∙K). The 73 mm thick door panel with a thermal barrier is filled with PU foam. They are offered as standard in the RC 3 intrusion protection class.

Aluminiowe drzwi ThermoSafe, wzór 860 w kolorze RAL 9016 z elementami bocznymi

ThermoSafe aluminum door, design 860 in RAL 9016 with side elements


  • ThermoSafe Hybrid - a door with exceptional rigidity and sash stability. Constructed from a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. The outer side of the leaf is made of powder-coated stainless steel, which increases its resistance to deformation even with large temperature differences between inside and outside the building and improves security. They are - like the ThermoSafe series - energy efficient. Offered as standard with an intrusion protection class of RC 4 (version without glazing) or RC 3 (version with glazing).

  • ThermoSafe Decoral - 18 unique door designs, which, combined with stylish door panels and modern handles, are an extremely elegant proposition. Colors of decorative surfaces, such as light cement, rusty patina or wild oak, will satisfy the most demanding customers. A unique visual impression is made by original handles with applications identical to the surface pattern of the door panel or in the black.edition version. For each door pattern it is possible to select accessories on request.

Aluminiowe drzwi ThermoSafe, wzór 860 z powierzchnią Decoral „Attic Wood szary”

ThermoSafe aluminum door, pattern 860 with Decoral surface "Attic Wood gray" © HÖRMANN



In Thermo46 and Thermo65 doors, both the polyurethane foam-filled door panel and the aluminum frame have a thermal barrier. In the Thermo65 door with a 65mm thick board, the door frame is also filled with PU foam. Thanks to this construction and the triple sealing plane, the UD heat transfer coefficient is as low as 0.87 W/(m²∙K).

Hörmann aluminum and steel exterior doors are offered in many fashionable designs. They can also be matched to the garage door and installed with side and/or top lights.


Wooden interior doors are characterized by highly durable, stable construction and attractive design. They are offered in four design lines: BaseLine, DesignLine, ClassicLine and GlassLine, so you can match them to interiors of different styles.

  • BaseLine
    Four types of surfaces are available in the BaseLine series. In addition to the extremely damage-resistant Duradecor surface in smooth and structured versions, Hörmann also offers natural wood veneers and high-quality lacquered surfaces in various colors.

Bezprzylgowe drzwi drewniane BaseLine, ze strukturyzowaną powierzchnią Duradecor w kolorze jasny dąb i krawędzią płyty w kolorze czarnym oraz klamką LineaPlanar black.edition

The BaseLine flushless wooden door, with structured Duradecor surface in light oak and board edge in black, and LineaPlanar black.edition handle


  • DesignLine
    Doors in the DesignLine series are ideal for apartments decorated in a modern style. Three elegant surface finishes - ultra-matte, slate or linen texture - as well as a door panel made of solid glass or a combination of glass and wood, open up a wide range of design possibilities to realize individual interior design concepts.

Bezprzylgowe drzwi drewniane DesingLine Concepto z powierzchnią w strukturze łupka i klamką Linea black.edition

The no-threshold DesingLine Concepto wooden door with slate textured surface and Linea black.edition handle


  • ClassicLine
    The ClassicLine series consists of a palette of classic designs. Some, made according to the traditional art of carpentry, suit interiors decorated in a classic style, while others, emphasizing simple elegance, are designed for both classic and modern interiors.

  • GlassLine
    Completely different series GlassLine are glass doors that give an open character to the living space and bring a lot of light into the interior.


Loft-style steel doors for living and office spaces are new to the Hörmann range. The quintessential design of these doors is modern minimalism resulting from the harmonious combination of glass and steel. Loft doors are offered in sets with maximum dimensions of 5000 x 4000 mm. In any size, they look very elegant thanks to their narrow profiles and surface rungs. Using loft doors in combination with side elements and overhead lights, it is possible to build up a wall of considerable size, while not losing anything from the advantages of open space.

Drzwi wewnętrzne w stylu loftowym z elementami bocznymi i górnym naświetlem

Interior door in loft style with side elements and top fanlight


For more information, visit the company's Hörmann Polska sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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