A new era of interiors. Hörmann's revolutionary doors

In today's world where interior design is evolving day by day, the Hörmann brand offers innovative solutions in its range of interior doors that are changing the way we perceive home spaces.

2-skrzydłowe drewniane drzwi ProLine z przylgą, powierzchnia Duradecor biały lakier, z matową klamką Linea ze stali nierdzewnej

ProLine 2-leaf wooden door with rebate, Duradecor white lacquer surface, with Linea stainless steel matte handle

© Hörmann

Whether for a room, a bathroom or a technical room, the European market leader in door joinery offers products that combine extraordinary durability, modern design and advanced technology. The brand offers a wide range of options for use in any home.

Modernity in every way

Interior doors with Duradecor surface are synonymous with durability and aesthetics. They are distinguished by 48% higher impact resistance than competitive CPL laminates and ease of care. They will perfectly fit into the style of any interior, as evidenced by the availability of Duradecor surfaces in five different variants, which provide not only exceptional durability, but also original design. The Hörmann brand gives us a choice of surfaces: smooth, structured, ultramatte, slate or linen texture. In addition to aesthetics, the comfort of use is also worth appreciating here. If we care about preserving valuable space in a small hallway, the leader in the woodwork industry meets our needs by offering reversible doors that open through the frame to the center of the room.

Bezprzylgowe drzwi drewniane z ościeżnicą Zeroline, lakierowane w kolorze RAL 9016 (biały) z matową klamką Linea w kolorze czarnym

A zero-gap wood door with Zeroline frame, lacquered in RAL 9016 (white) with matte black Linea handle

© Hörmann

The superiority in both quality and visual appearance of this manufacturer's interior doors is evidenced by the details, which are characterized by minimalism and yet functionality. The Planar handle rosette, which is perfectly flush with the door panel, and the Zeroline door frame, with its almost invisible design, are examples of how Hörmann is redefining the concept of aesthetics in interior doors. But that's not all - the inner surface of the door frame is coated with melamine, which guarantees high durability and an elegant appearance, as the material does not absorb water from plaster. Another of the improvements introduced is the4Protect edge protection in rebate-free doors and selected types of rebated doors. Importantly, it can be made in a different color than the door panel. 4Protect is a guarantee of high resistance to impacts, abrasion and scratches.

Space without borders

To enjoy a modern and spacious interior with an industrial touch, opt for Hörmann steel loft doors. Thanks to their design with steel profiles and large-area glazing of 6 mm thick insulated safety glass, they allow you to illuminate rooms and divide living space. The doors are available in 1- or 2-wing and sliding versions, and together with overlights can create a wall as large as 5 × 4 m. Importantly, they are available in a wide range of colors. The revolutionary character and uniqueness of steel loft doors are emphasized by the solutions used by the manufacturer, including the fact that the lock is hidden in the leaf profile, and the walls formed from loft doors and fanlights can be joined at a 90° angle, thus creating corner walls. A big nod to the customer is also the possibility of personalizing the order in terms of aesthetics, for example, the screw fasteners can have a different color than the steel profiles.

2-skrzydłowe drzwi stalowe w stylu loftowym z naświetlem górnym, kolor RAL 9005 (głęboka czerń) z kątowymi listwami przyszybowymi

Loft-style 2-leaf steel door with overhead fanlight, color RAL 9005 (deep black) with angled glazing beads

© Hörmann

Safety first

There are no compromises here, everyone is concerned with satisfying this basic need. The Hörmann brand is well aware of this, which is why it has two types of sturdy and affordable steel doors for technical rooms. The first is the HPL30 A-1 fire door, which is the most widely purchased boiler room door in Europe. The fire-resistant mineral wool infill and special seals used during production ensure maximum safety, demonstrating Hörmann's high competence in fire protection.

Stalowe drzwi wewnętrzne, typ ZK

Steel interior doors, type ZK

© Hörmann

The second type is the ZK steel interior door, which is used especially in the basement, pantry and the entrance to the unfinished attic. They are made of 8 mm thick steel, which means that thanks to their solid construction they do not warp, are resistant to deformation and damage, and at the same time extremely light. They are available in two variants: 1-wing and 2-wing.

Drewniane drzwi ProLine z przylgą, powierzchnia z naturalną okleiną drewnianą

ProLine wooden doors with rebate, surface with natural wood veneer

© Hörmann

Interior doors from a leading European manufacturer are not only a decorative element, a transition between rooms, but also innovative solutions that will revolutionize the interior of any home. What's more, they will define its character, guarantee unprecedented durability, security and comfort. The brand sets new standards in the woodwork market, while proving that design, functionality and security can go hand in hand. When you choose Hörmann products, you are investing in the quality of your life.

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