MasterPatio lift-and-slide doors - combining design with functionality

Nowadays, architectural designs combine functionality, aesthetics and innovative solutions to ultimately blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Large glazings are becoming not only synonymous with contemporary architecture, but also the key to creating a unique space where daylight comes to the fore. Discover how Reynaers Aluminum systems add lightness to an interior and optically enlarge a space to fit your lifestyle.

Drzwi podnoszono-przesuwne MasterPatio

MasterPatio lift-and-slide doors


Elegance and reliable thermal insulation performance

MasterPatio, a new generation lift and slide door system, is a manifestation of elegance and functionality in one. It is characterized by a minimalist design that allows integration with different architectural styles. It is a universal product that allows you to create a single-storey glazed facade with sliding doors, which, while maintaining full aesthetic consistency, can be combined with windows and doors of the MasterLine 8 system. In addition, thanks to its excellent thermal parameters, the system can be successfully used in passive buildings. Adequate comfort is ensured by excellent acoustic parameters, which encourages investment also in urban environments.

MasterPatio ze zintegrowaną moskitierą Flyscreen

MasterPatio with integrated Flyscreen mosquito net


Narrow profiles and simplicity of construction

In the MasterPatio system, the glass-to-profile ratio can be as high as 90%, with sufficient rigidity and resistance. As a result, we can install a sash in a house with maximum construction dimensions of up to 3.6 m in height and a weight of 500 kg (moving element). The system also allows the use of glass corners in the design, without the need for mullions and frames, which leads to the effect of a smooth passage of light through the entire glazing surface. All this so that home and apartment owners can enjoy a beautiful view and a sense of unlimited space.

For aesthetic reasons and to make it easier for people with disabilities to get around, there is a variant with a choice of low or flat — flush with the floor threshold. What's more, the system allows the door frame to be completely hidden in the frame, which gives an even greater impression of transparency and lightness to the whole structure.

Drzwi przesuwne HiFinity

HiFinity sliding doors


HiFinity – unlimited design possibilities

For even more discerning builders, we have the HiFinity system, which is extremely energy-efficient, almost invisible and elegant, so it is perfect for modern, low-energy buldings. The strong construction allows the installation of glass elements weighing up to 750 kg, and thanks to the possibility of double or triple glazing, the system provides excellent insulation, giving homeowners a sense of warmth and comfort.

Zintegrowana moskitiera Flyscreen

Integrated Flyscreen mosquito net


System mosquito net for comfort

The latest innovation for MasterPatio is the integrated mosquito net, which greatly enhances the comfort of the system and fits in perfectly with its minimalist style. This type of mosquito net is exclusively made for new construction. The mosquito net is integrated into the frame profile, so that in the folded position it remains completely hidden inside the frame. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining comfort and protection from insects.

Smart solutions – your comfort matters

Life at home should be as easy and comfortable as possible. At Reynaers Aluminium, we know that when it comes to comfort every detail, even the smallest, matters. That's why we've developed a range of intelligent solutions that allow you to open sliding doors at the touch of a button. In addition, you can manage access control, deciding who enters the building and when, check if the doors are locked and lock them remotely. It's also worth mentioning that our systems are compatible with market-leading home automation applications.

Szklany narożnik

Glass corner


A variety of color options and types of finishes

Choosing the right color and finish for aluminum profiles is no small feat. Reynaers Aluminum offers frames in almost every color imaginable. More than 450 different color options and finishes are available: metallic or anodized, matte or glossy RAL colors, wood-look aluminum and even a special, low-maintenance and scratch-resistant Coatex finish.

Another important issue is the selection of the right handle, as this element emphasizes the individual character of the door. MasterPatio has a wide selection of handles and their functionalities, so everyone will find the right solution for their needs.

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