Latest window and door systems from Aluprof

In modern homes, we can take advantage of the achievements of modern technology. It is equally important to build and operate with respect for the environment and using energy-efficient materials. Innovative solutions for houses with a view to the future are offered by Aluprof - one of the European leaders in the aluminum joinery industry.

System okienno-drzwiowy z izolacją termiczną MB-79N

MB-79N window and door system with thermal insulation


MB-79N Window and door system with thermal insulation

The MB-79N system is this year's new addition to ALUPROF's window and door systems range. It is the successor to the very popular and widely used MB-70 system in the construction industry, introduced to meet increased thermal insulation requirements from 2021. It is used to make a wide range of constructions, which include various types of windows and doors, as well as window solutions with doors.

The MB-79N system sections have depths of: 79 mm for the window sash and 70 mm for the window frame, door frame and door leaf. Their construction, like that of many other Aluprof systems, allows the surface of the sash and frame to be flush in windows from the outside; in doors this effect also occurs from the inside. The shapes of the profiles allow the construction of slender and durable structures while maintaining good kinematics.

The system is available in three construction variants, which differ in the level of insulation. The MB-79N E version is the most economical solution with a single-component central gasket, MB-79N ST is a variant with a two-component gasket, and the MB-79N SI construction(with the best thermal insulation) is based on profiles equipped with dedicated insulating inserts in the zone of thermal breaks, optimizing thermal parameters, and a two-component central gasket.

This solution, thanks to the minimization of the number of elements and simplification of assembly, allows to shorten the window production process by about 10 minutes, which can be a real time-saver of several percent.

Drzwi tarasowe podnoszono-przesuwne MB-82HS

MB-82HS lift-and-slide patio doors


MB-82HS Lift-and-slide patio doors

Lift-and-slide patio doors with a thermal barrier MB-82HS is a design that perfectly suits modern interiors. This system makes it possible to make a comfortable in daily use development, connecting the living room with the terrace. It is characterized by high aesthetics, easy prefabrication and very good technical parameters, including high thermal insulation and air and water tightness. MB-82HS system constructions can have large leaf dimensions: up to 3.24 x 3.3 m and a maximum weight of up to 600 kg. The door leaves can be opened manually or automatically. Thanks to its parameters, MB-82HS doors can be used in buildings with high energy-saving requirements. The technical solutions used in it, such as a "zero" threshold built into the floor, systemic linear drainage, a narrow mullion or the lack of masking strips on the vertical frames, make the MB-82HS door visual qualities go hand in hand with functionality and comfort for users.

MB-82HS doors can have large leaf dimensions: up to 3.24 x 3.3 m and a maximum weight of up to 600 kg. They can be opened manually or automatically.

System drzwi przesuwnych wielkoga­barytowych z ukrytą ramą MB-SKYLINE TYPE R

Large sliding door system with concealed frame MB-SKYLINE TYPE R


MB-SKYLINE TYPE R - innovative door system
Large sliding doors with hidden frame

The MB-SKYLINE TYPE R sliding door system with a concealed frame is based on narrow profiles, which give the construction a modern look with a panoramic view. Doors made on the basis of this construction give the building a unique style and raise the status of the entire investment.

The leaves of the doors made on the basis of this system are hidden in the lower and upper frames. If you choose the variant with an actuator or locking on the post - also the side profiles of the leaf remain hidden. The frame itself has been designed to make the product as convenient to use as possible - so it is as shallow as possible and measures 23 mm in depth. The width of the mullion has also been minimized and the visible sash joint is only 25 mm. The structural depth of the door sections is 71 mm, and the frames are 190 mm.

The door leaves in the Aluprof MB-SKYLINE TYPE R system are made of modern, environmentally friendly materials that ensure the highest thermal insulation parameters.

Żaluzje fasadowe SkyFlow

SkyFlow facade blinds


The thickness of the glazing is also important, which is why triple-glazing packages with a thickness of 52 to 60 mm were used. The surface actuator dedicated to the system is equipped with a radio receiver and safety radar, which allows remote operation of the mechanism. Excess moisture is removed by a modern linear drainage system with a system gutter.

The maximum height of MB-SKYLINE TYPE R doors is as much as 4 meters, and if a surface actuator is used, the moving leaf of the structure can weigh up to 700 kg.

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