Window covers for the home

Window covers for the interior and exterior of a building can range from almost invisible to stylish elements that enhance the appearance of our home. Current technologies offer a very wide range of possibilities. So what are the benefits of window covers?

Energy efficiency

Mounted on the outside of windows, facade blinds create an additional layer between the interior of the house and the outside. This saves energy all year round - hindering the penetration of cold air in winter and blocking the sun's rays in summer.

Protection against UV radiation

Even on cloudy days, the sun can cause fading of fabrics, floors or artwork indoors. It can also damage wooden furniture. For spaces such as terraces, verandas and sun gardens, the ideal choice is sun shades, which provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Keep in mind that typically darker colors will block light better than lighter colors, and a higher level of openness will let in more of the sun's rays, gently revealing the views outside your windows.

Reduce glare

For those who spend a lot of time on the terrace, pergola or in a sunny room window shades and awnings can effectively block the sun's rays, giving you comfort. Thanks to them, we can avoid the annoying glare reflecting on the phone, laptop or TV, or shining into the eyes.

Decorating your home

The interior of our home can be crucial when it comes to choosing window coverings. Exterior blinds, after all, are part of the home elevation , and can greatly enhance the look of the living room, both inside and out. Roller blinds provide essential protection while enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of the room. Whether the interior design you are aiming for is richly ornate or minimalist, thanks to the wide range of designs, colors, as well as materials, you are sure to find something to your liking.

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