Effective management of sunlight

Screen-type sunshades are highly functional solutions and are eagerly used in both public and residential buildings. The main advantage of these types of products is the protection of rooms from intense sunlight through the use of specialized technical fabrics.

In addition, they protect interiors from the gaze of unwanted people, while maintaining good visibility to the outside. These solutions also provide an effective optical barrier to light entering the room, minimizing the glare effect that can form on monitor screens. With appropriately selected fabric, they are also a stylish addition that will give the facility a unique character. It is worth remembering that a properly selected screen system can additionally act as a mosquito net, effectively protecting the premises from insects. Aluprof offers three systems: SkyRoll Zip, SkyRoll Classic and SkyRoll Eco. The Zip system is particularly noteworthy here. It is extremely innovative due to the use of technology borrowed from the zipper mechanism on the edges of the fabric. Specially designed two-part guides are thus directly integrated into the fabric, which guarantees maximum sealing and protection of the interior from insects. In addition, the solution used here ensures that the fabric is properly tensioned and stably seated in the guide, which protects it especially from gusty winds.

SP-E - rolety zewnętrzne podtynkowe

SP-E - flush-mounted external roller shutters



Exterior roller shutters are still extremely practical and popular products. In unfavorable weather conditions, they are a barrier that effectively protects the interiors of rooms from heat loss. In turn, in summer, they perfectly protect against overheating of interiors, at the same time reducing the use of air-conditioning equipment, thereby reducing building operating costs. The roller shutter, installed according to the system provider's guidelines, also has very good acoustic properties, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the perception of noise from outside. Roller shutter systems offered by Aluprof can additionally be integrated with a mosquito net, which guarantees effective protection of rooms from insects. In addition, a properly selected external roller shutter system can provide protection against burglary. A wide range of colors will certainly allow you to match roller shutters to any facade. Aluprof offers roller shutters in adaptive, flush-mounted and overhead systems.

SkyRoll SZF/P - żaluzje fasadowe

SkyRoll SZF/P - facade blinds



Façade blinds are extremely functional sunshades that effectively protect interiors from excessive heat while providing adequate optical comfort. A distinctive feature of this type of products is the freedom to adjust the angle of the lamellas, which allows you to choose the appropriate degree of shading, and thus individual management by the user. Thoughtful design of this type of solutions, also allows the creation of larger structures, which makes them often used for large glazing. Thanks to this, blinds are perfect for both public buildings and residential investments. Four variants of facade blinds are available from Aluprof: adaptive, flush-mounted, self-supporting and two flush-mounted. In addition, an innovative solution combining the SkyFlow facade blind system with the company's mullion and transom facade system - MB-SR50N - has been designed. It was created primarily with object realizations in mind, where full harmony between technical and aesthetic aspects plays a special role. With these considerations in mind, special pressure strips were designed for the façade mullions, allowing the installation of the façade filling, as well as masking strips, which at the same time act as a guide for the façade shutter. Thanks to this, the decision to install this type of cover can be made at a later stage of the project, when the facade is already installed in the facility.

SkyRoll ZIP - screeny

SkyRoll ZIP - screenshots



A pergola is a very versatile solution, created for roofing large areas. It is certainly a stylish addition, fitting perfectly into the trends of modern construction. The product will prove useful not only for single-family housing in the development of terraces or garden spaces, but also in commercial buildings, being a modern and practical element of roofing summer gardens in cafes or restaurants. Thanks to the possibility of using side screens such as screens or sliding glass panels, the pergola can be used regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Pergola MB-OPENSKY 140

Pergola MB-OPENSKY 140


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