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The company PPUH DAMA CHOJNICE is a family business engaged in the production of window covers. The combination of 30 years of tradition and youth allows us to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We sell our products to the construction industry in Poland, and also export our products to Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, and the United Kingdom. We offer high-quality products at attractive prices, which is why our brand is very popular among wholesale customers.


AK-FLEX overlay roller shutter is suitable for any development concerning new or renovation construction. Depending on your wishes, we supply this new system for any size window. The AK-FLEX system is compatible with all popular window models on the market and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. AK-FLEX, through the construction of the box body made of EPS material, proposes an optimal value that meets the requirements and regulations of the market. The requirement for energy efficiency is met through this box according to all standards (EvEV). In the standard version of the box, we are able to achieve a thermal insulation value of 0.61 W/m2K. Based on the subsequent size of the box, we are able to achieve a surprising thermal insulation value of up to 0.30 W/m2K.

Rolety zewnętrzne zabudowane w systemie AK - FLEX

External roller shutters built in the AK - FLEX system


PSB DAMA flush mounted roller shutters are a built-in system. A system integrated with the facade that allows the box to be built in, making it practically invisible. It is an ideal solution for new construction. This system mounts directly to the window, and the armor rolls up into a box placed above it.

Roleta zewnętrzna podtynkowa PSB

PSB flush-mounted external roller shutter


Pleats are a modern and very popular way to cover a window. The most popular way to install them is at the window pane. Thanks to pleats you can cover practically any type of window, from rectangular through trapezoidal to semicircular. They allow you to cover any part of the window, by being able to control the pleat from below and above. Day and night blinds are a great solution for any interior. They are made of strips of material arranged alternately with a mesh that lets the light through. They are characterized by free control of light access while maintaining privacy. We can produce such roller blinds free-hanging, in a housing with a flat guide (BEST 1), or in a housing with a spatial guide (BEST 2, B9 or LUIZA).

Roleta plisowana

Pleated roller blind


In our offer you will find, among other things:
- external blinds - internal blinds (including day and night) - pleated blinds
- vertical blinds - horizontal blinds - mosquito nets (including frame, door, sliding or pleated) - Roman blinds

Roleta AK FLEX

AK FLEX roller blind


For more information, visit the company's PPUH DAMA CHOJNICE page on the PdD portal.

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