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HEWI barrier-free sanitary rooms - a guarantee of innovative solutions!

06 of December '23

Professional Care | Created by barrier-free design experts

Barrier-free sanitary rooms make high demands in terms of equipment. HEWI has decades of experience and guarantees innovative solutions in the spirit of universal design.

Ławeczka prysznicowa seria 900

Shower bench 900 series


They are designed to best support patient independence and safety. As a result, there is also considerably less involvement for the care staff. The accessories make it possible to arrange a bathroom that is optimally adapted to each user's needs and well-being.

Nowy System 900 Q

The new 900 Q System


New 900 Q System

HEWI complements the classic System 900 for handicap-accessible bathrooms.
Our world is surrounded by geometric shapes - each has a meaning. For HEWI, the square is special: it symbolizes stability and strength, and it also has an architectural connection in its purism, linearity. Concrete radii and proportions, combined with high-quality stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated surfaces in timeless matte colors (white, black and gray), create a consistently uniform and harmonious overall appearance. The inserts are made of high-quality satin-finished crystal glass with a round cross-section, which creates an intriguing contrast. The series can be used not only in the care and public sectors, but also in hotels and private living spaces.

Klamka mini

Mini handle


Design assistance

HEWI offers a free design service consisting of professional advice, equipment lists and designs in accordance with standards and the investor's individual needs.

Feel free to contact us:
We also invite you to visit our new exhibition at Pulawska 354/356 in Warsaw.

Uchwyt uchylny seria 900

900 series swing handle


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