Furniture elements

Furniture elements

Furniture elements

Natural veneers, wood veneers, laminates and other finishing elements are materials that are gaining in popularity. Used to disguise cheaper and less attractive materials, they produce a similar effect with the same functionality.

Natural veneers are also being used as a finishing material.

what are natural veneers?

They are very thinly cut strips of wood. Natural veneer is an ideal finishing material that gives surfaces a noble look, and interiors become more elegant and welcoming. It is ideal as a veneer material for furniture, tables, doors, countertops, as well as used on walls. wood veneer perfectly preserves the properties of wood and looks much better than its cheaper imitations. Using such finishes, we warm up the atmosphere of the room, which makes staying in such an interior feel more comfortable. The irregular arrangement of wood grains allows us to create unlimited design possibilities. Only on our creativity depends on how interesting interior we will create in terms of color, texture or structure.

are natural veneers durable?

Creating a new space, the use of natural veneers will give the furniture, as well as the room, a strong character, thus obtaining a unique atmosphere.

Wood gives a warm atmosphere to the interior, while imitation concrete or stone will create a modern design. New technology makes it possible to obtain beautiful countertops, at the same time very durable. By combining pine chips with cement, we will get decorative material, which is not only flexible, thanks to the wood, but also extremely durable due to the cement.

Are laminates, veneers, veneers suitable for interiors where many people are present?

Natural veneers owe their popularity not only to their quality and interesting materials, but also to their ease of application on a variety of surfaces. At a relatively low cost, using an attractive design, it is possible to achieve a unique design and maintain the durability of the material.

Natural veneers have a high quality and high durability.

The materials have high durability, many of them have hygienic approvals, are easy to clean, resistant to water and moisture, and are often fireproof, which is extremely important for applications in public places, such as hotels. Laminates, veneers, veneers are excellent finishing materials in such places, as they give a distinct and elegant look without the need for expensive materials.