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We create a space that gives business clients the opportunity to build their businesses according to their individual plans and needs. From the beginning, we are guided by a passion for combining the subtle beauty of a detail with its functionality. We provide quality products, inspired by the latest trends and tailored to our customers' needs.
We started in the mid-1990s by importing simple mechanisms for clocks. Over the years, our product range increased. From a small Polish company, we gradually became an international manufacturer of products then niche on the market - furniture accessories and LED lighting. Today, our range includes several thousand products, and as a company with a tradition, with a global reach, we are rapidly expanding in foreign markets.
Since the beginning, we have been actively promoting the dynamically developing Polish furniture industry. Today, our country is the second largest exporter of furniture in the world, and we rank first in Europe. In order to maintain this growth momentum and strong position in foreign markets, support and involvement of both large, medium and small enterprises is needed. Their activities are integrated by the All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, to which we belong as an extraordinary member. Sharing our long experience of being present in foreign markets, our company supports solutions that benefit the Polish furniture industry and promotes Polish furniture domestically and internationally.

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