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Design paired with ergonomics - kitchen from GTV

29 of November '22

GTV Poland S.A, a manufacturer and global distributor of furniture accessories and lighting, is a company with Polish roots that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It operates in more than 60 countries around the world, on four continents. Over the past few years, it has developed its companies in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Spain.

It has one of the most complete offerings on the market, which includes more than 8,500 furniture and lighting products such as handles, hinges, lifters, slides, locks, sliding systems, but also lighting solutions and led fixtures. The company has its own warehouses (total storage area of 38,000 sqm) and an extensive logistics network.

Interiors full of possibilities

Design paired with ergonomics is the motto that guides us at every stage of creating new solutions. As a global company with many years of experience in the market of furniture accessories, sliding systems and LED lighting, we focus on modern minimalism and functional aesthetics in interiors. The kitchen is one of the areas where we focus special attention when creating new products.

Cargo - system przechowywania z kolekcji Movix Pro

Cargo - a storage system from the Movix Pro collection


A number of ingenious and ergonomic solutions - such as the Axis Pro thin-walled drawer system together with the Axispace organization system or the Movix Pro storage system - will help us toplan our kitchen areas well.

AXIS Pro drawers

Universal drawer system AXIS Pro is a solution to fit any type of kitchen, regardless of the square footage. We provide a wide range of design options: five heights of standard and inner drawers and finishes in white and anthracite. A thin side shell of just 14 mm gives the AXIS Pro drawer a simple and modern look. The system is equipped with a silent closing mechanism and allows for full extension of the drawer.

Domowa spiżarnia na szufladach Axis Pro

Home pantry on Axis Pro drawers


Axispace drawers

The Axispace drawer organization system provides convenient use of cabinets and drawers. It includes graphene trash garbage cans, cutlery inserts and non-slip mats.

Axispace segregatory na odpady

Axispace waste binders


Movix Pro system

The Movix Pro system allows maximum management of hard-to-reach areas. It's a set of cargo baskets and corners, built on slides with silent closing. Cargo baskets allow many arrangements - for example, in narrow spaces between kitchen cabinets. The collection also includes magic corner baskets for storing more products and accessories. You can choose between pull-out and swing-out variants. All products in the MOVIX PRO collection are equipped with an anti-slip mat, so that the contents of the drawer stay in place. The advantage of these accessories is a flat, aesthetically pleasing rail.

Magic Corner - system przechowywania z kolekcji Movix Pro

Magic Corner storage system from the Movix Pro collection


At GTV, we value quality and functionality. We focus on solutions to ensure comfortable use of space.

For more information, visit the company's GTV Poland page on the PdA portal.

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