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Extend and Hexa Long furniture handles from GTV

23 of November '22

The 1200 mm Extend and Hexa Long furniture handles are designed for traditional opening of high and wide fronts.

Hexa Long cabinet handle

With the materials of cabinet fronts in mind, we created the Hexa Long handle. The Hexa Long handle is designed for traditional opening of high fronts. One of its advantages is its simple form, which perfectly harmonizes with the furniture, effectively emphasizing its line.

Rounded side edges make the handle look very decorative on any piece of furniture. Subtly profiled edges additionally guarantee extremely safe use - in bedrooms, children's rooms as well as hallways.

Uchwyt Hexa Long

Hexa Long handle


Hexa Long is made of aluminum and has a length of 1200 mm. For optimal matching with the color scheme of the fronts, we introduced four different finishes: aluminum, white, matte black and bright brushed gold.

Hexa Long is a collection of handles dedicated to modern arrangements.

Extend handle

Winner of first place in the prestigious 2023 Furniture Diamond competition, in the Furniture Design category.

Long Extend handle was created for traditional opening of high and wide fronts. This product is slender and long. It is made of aluminum and comes in three popular colors. What distinguishes Extend from others is its length - 1200 mm. This handle performs two functions simultaneously. The first is aesthetics, and the second is functionality: high and wide fronts are more convenient to open with long handles. Extend mounted on the fronts of cabinets, creates natural proportions and symmetry of the entire piece of furniture. It will find its use both in traditional home interiors and in more lavish modern living rooms, bedrooms or even children's rooms.

Uchwyt Extend

Extend handle


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